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A Curl Conversation


“Your hair is beautiful!” Older women would exclaim to me when I was a child. “I pay big money to get mine to do what yours does naturally!”….This created a somewhat resentful curly-haired individual that blossomed into an angry pre-teen. Why was my hair different? Why were all these straight-haired people walking around with perfectly coiffed, shiny heads of locks? My own mother, guilty of owning flaxen, stick-straight hair, would brush furiously at my curls when I was younger, trying to tame them into something that resembled straightness. Ultimately, my coils would rebel into a frizzy mess, damanged and angry. I don’t care to chronicle the time that I had bangs, or the countless terrible hair cuts I’ve endured. Know that, in creating this blog, I hope to find a ‘safe space’ for other curly-haired individuals to find tips on how to actually care for their hair properly. All hair types are amazing and, obviously, hair can become very much an extension of who we are. Although it took me years, I finally embraced what good genes bestowed upon me, and I encourage anyone out there to begin a journey of self-acceptance and do the same. I now take the time to praise those younger than me who have been blessed by the curly gods – and show them that I, too, have that hair. And I don’t have to pay big money to get it that way.

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  1. Why in the world would anyone want to tame such a beauty is beyond me, really.

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