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Curly Basics

What a difference proper hair care makes. I’ve spoken of this to my friends, but haven’t really touched on it yet here. By switching up my routine entirely, and focusing instead on what is healthy for my hair, I’ve noticed a drastic change (for the better).


My dried out curls before I started caring for them properly. Even in the humid Dominican Republic, they look parched for moisture. And yes, in case you were wondering, I am feeling a palm tree.

I started reading about the curly girl hair care method, which I’ve written on more extensively here. This opened my eyes to a whole other way of taking care of my hair! No more drying shampoos, no more very, very occasional ‘good hair days’. Now my hair is consistently wonderful. I get loads of compliments (even more than before — curly girls, you know what I’m talking about!). And the best part? This routine isn’t just for those with curly hair – it works for wavy hair, and aspects of it could even work for my straight sisters (and brothers!).


Shiny, happy, healthy hair!

I can’t believe the difference, and how much more manageable my hair is now. So have a look at the first installment of hair care that just covers the basics – what type of products are good/bad for your hair, and a general overview of why. Next week, I will walk you lovelies through the washing process. And if you’re confused about products, not to worry! I’ve used more than my fair share, and will be uploading reviews on a variety of products over the next weeks and months to come. Happy hair care!


Nothing like a good side-of-the-head deck photo.


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