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Decadent Black Bean Brownies


I noticed the trend of black bean brownies a few months ago, but always slightly wrinkled my nose – pitted dates? Beans?? I think I’ll pass.


That is, until I came across this recipe. Fudge-y, rich, and satisfying – I was shocked. Obviously, this recipe needed to be put to the test. I gave some to my darling partner, who quite enjoyed himself and munched away happily describing the intense flavour. After he munched down the last bite – surprise! – I informed him of the healthy benefits. Once he finished berating me for feeding him ‘health’ under the guise of junk food, he admitted that they were delicious. These have the added benefit of being flourless, eggless, and can be made vegan (although I use honey for mine). Trust me, this is a dessert dish that you will NOT regret making. If you’re feeling extra fancy, add the frosting, too – I can always use some extra chocolate in my life. Especially if it’s guilt free!





    • Jess A

      Oh I’m so glad you’re going to make them. I’ve made them about 5 times now and they are amazing…people are always asking for the recipe! Especially after they know they’re healthier!

      • I have been looking for some great healthy sweet treat recipes. This one sounds incredible! The ladies at my church have been wanting me to bake something for them as well, I’ll bake this.

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