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Country Living

One of the benefits of living in Peterborough, besides the amazing downtown, is how close we are located to beautiful country fields. Within 5 minutes, I can drive into stunning scenery, and spend a day feeling like I’m on a mini vacation from civilization. That is, until a train passes through…


h&mbootsH&M chambray shirt, bow skirt, and purse, RW&Co. camisole, Kamik Jennifer rainboots

h&mtrainPhotos taken by my wonderful friend, Jess Latone, of J. Lee Photography. Go check her stuff out, and look for a feature on her in the next week or so!



    • Jess A

      Thanks so much, Sydney! It’s really just an accumulation of h&m things from the past few years. I sometimes love the theme of ‘cheap and cheerful’ with clothing.

      • I know exactly what you mean, so do I. That usually the look I try to go for when I go thrifting. That’s when I buy the zany things that are in my closet.

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