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Friend Fashion: Jess

IMG_8879It’s about that time again – to celebrate someone other than myself. This month, it’s my incredibly talented teacher/dancer/sometimes French speaker/photographer friend, Jess! This girl is so sweet, and down to Earth, and we share a mutual love of the TV show Girls. She also happens to have her own photography business (I swear, not all my friends are photographers), so check her out!

What would you describe your style as?

I would describe my style as simple and classic with a boho-chic flair.

Who or what inspires you in fashion?

I’m inspired by the places I travel to, and of course, Audrey Hepburn.

Choose cake or pie. Justify your answer!

Pie because I feel it counts as a breakfast food…the fruit ones anyway…and pumpkin…what is pumpkin anyway…vegetable? Legume? Mmmm pie. [Editor’s note: this is definitely part of the reason her and I are friends.]








Nothing a good selfie can't fix

Nothing a good selfie can’t fix



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