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Frizzy Friday: Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner

Wow. That is a looooooong name.

Initial time wasting impressions aside, this conditioner (in fact, this line in general) has received a lot of press from a variety of curly websites (people really enjoy the leave-in, with a review here, and here). Obviously, like all of the products I’ll feature on here, they are Curly Girl friendly (no sulphates or silicones, or drying alcohols), so don’t worry too much about the ingredients of what I post (unless, of course, I’ve made a mistake, then please DO let me know!).


Now, down to business: this conditioner does not come cheap. You can either find it online, or search around in a natural health food store. I ended up purchasing mine from a local health food store, Joanne’s Place, despite the higher price tag. Normally, I don’t mind spending a little more on my hair care products, however, not a ton of product comes with the cost, in this case. The bottle is sleek and makes you ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaah’, but it can be tricky to get the last little bit of conditioner out of it when it’s coming to the end.

Alright, now to the juicy stuff: it smells lovely. It’s pretty light, making it ideal for our finer, looser, curly-haired friends. It smooths and doesn’t leave any product buildup feeling, but does provide a nice, airy moisture to curls. There are a lot of organic ingredients, and it’s one of those ‘feel-good’ conditioners you can use (environmentally speaking). The bad stuff: it’s a little expensive, given the quantity. I found that, although it did a good job moisturizing my curls, it wasn’t very good at helping to detangle in the shower (a constant battle for me). Essentially, the slip isn’t amazing. This conditioner honestly worked best for me when I watered it down, put it into a spray bottle, and used it as a casual spray leave-in for touching up from day to day.

Curly Score: 7.5/10


  • Organic ingredients
  • Nice, not too strong smell
  • Light, ideal for our finer curly-haired friends
  • No product buildup feeling


  • Expensive $$
  • Poor job at detangling

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