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Bohemian Vibes

70smaxifrontviewGap Outlet Maxi Dress, Vintage earrings, homemade bracelet, Elizabeth Arden Neoclassic Coral lipstick, Sally Hansen Sonic Bloom polish

Beginning in Grade 6, I constantly looked to the 1960s and 1970s as sources of fashion inspiration. Although my style has evolved slightly from constantly wearing giant pewter peace signs around my neck, I like to more subtly reference the decades that continue to inspire me. This 1970s style maxi dress with a mix of patterns in a monochromatic colour scheme works perfectly; it always looks put together, comfortable, and a little bit bohemian – how I hope my overall style can be summed up. Pair it with some giant earrings and handcrafted leather braided bracelets, and it’s perfect in its simplicity. Groovy.





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