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Pink Leopard

leopardsidelookLocal boutique dress, vintage purse, Urban Outfitters heart sunglasses, Payless Chelsea flats

There is nothing I love so much in the summer as an easy to slip on, very wearable dress. I found this little number from a local boutique, and have adored its cheeky versatility ever since. It perfectly cinches my waist with a wide elastic belt, and comes complete with pockets and a comfortable, t-shirt material feel. I can wear this flattering style with a mustard yellow cardigan, belt, and boots during autumn, but for the summer heat, it goes perfectly with a bright fuchsia purse and some happy shades. Mee-ow.




Rock on, mes amis!

Rock on, mes amis!



  1. that is SUCH a cute purse! I just recently got addicted to clutches, where did you get this one? It needs to make its way into my collection.

    • Jess A

      Ah Sydney, unfortunately my Great Aunt left me this amazing collection of vintage collections. If you’ve got any cool secondhand stores near you, I would really recommend checking them out – I’ve had great luck recently at some vintage shops. The older clutch styles are making their way back into fashion. Saves money, too!

      • Dang it! Why didn’t I know your great aunt?!?! Lol but okay thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to keep a look out on my next thrifting trip.

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