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Frizzy Friday: Dermorganics

Up this week, the Dermorganics Hair Care line. The line is paraben free, sulphate free, vegan, free of animal testing, and gluten free. The only qualm I have with it is that it’s not silicone free. However, the products I’m reviewing – the Daily Conditioning Shampoo and the Hair Masque – do not contain silicones.


Now, normally I don’t use shampoos – they often have sulphates and can be very drying on my already dry locks – but this one is sulphate free, and to be honest, has left my hair feeling really, really nice. It cleans without feeling like my hair is being stripped of all oils – afterwards, it just feels…for lack of a better word, healthy. It lathers fairly well, if you’re into that sort of thing, and washes out easily. This whole Argan Oil trend has me somewhat cynical, but my hair did feel gently moisturized and clean after using it. As a shampoo, I would definitely recommend using this, especially to people who aren’t willing to jump into the co-wash bandwagon quite yet. This is also super acceptable for people with straight hair as well – in fact, if you have straight hair and have tried this out, please let me know! I’ve begun using this shampoo in a fairly regular fashion – once every two weeks – and have never been disappointed. As an added benefit, it makes my scalp feel soothed after, which can be somewhat problematic for me to achieve (I have dry skin on my scalp). The only downside to this line is that it can be a bit pricey – however, if you’re interested in just testing it out, there’s a trio trial kit available here (I don’t endorse/have a review for the Leave-in Treatment available in this trio, as it has silicones. Again, silicones work for some, so I’m not ruling them out entirely – do what works for your hair – but mine has responded so favourably to being off them that I’m not willing to risk a frizzfest just to test out a product. Sorry, peeps!).


The Dermorganics Intensive Hair Repair Masque is thick and super rich. I can feel my hair absorbing it in the shower and becoming heavy with moisture, which is always good. The scent is a little funny, but it’s all natural, so it doesn’t linger or cause a lot of nose wrinkling (from myself, or others – I always test it out on people [thanks, Joe and Andrew!]). I think I like this conditioner more as what it’s supposed to be – an intense repair mask – than as a conditioner. It has very little slip, making it difficult to detangle. I would recommend using this as something you put on after rinsing some of your regular conditioner out, especially if your curls need a little extra TLC. As stated before, it is quite thick and heavy, so it may weigh down those with lighter, more Boticelli-like curls. It could also be used as a temporary mask in the shower to be rinsed out after 10 minutes. You could then use your regular conditioner afterwards. Overall, I judge this as a mask, less a conditioner.

Curly Score for Shampoo: 10/10


  • Leaves hair feeling clean
  • Natural oils left intact
  • Healthy, gently cleaned and moisturized feeling
  • Easy on my dry, sometimes angry scalp


  • None

Curly Score for Masque: 8/10


  • Excellent leave-in treatment for dry, damaged hair
  • Thick and rich
  • Hair absorbs easily


  • None really, although it shouldn’t be used as a regular conditioner for most people

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