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Why Curly Hair is Awesome

Although I used to absolutely abhor my super curly strands, I now embrace it and love it. Where I once berated my father for giving me his curly genes, I now thank him and and sing his praises to others. Recently, I came across this list that inspired me to make my own on why curly hair is awesome. So, without further ado:

1) I will never be bored. Ever. Waiting for the bus? Bored in class? Daydreaming? I have a head FULL of springs that I can play with, whenever I choose.

2) I have an automatic topic of conversation to introduce myself to any other curly-haired person. Always. All that I have to do, is approach another curly and say, “Wow, I love your hair! Tell me how you take care of it?” and a 30-minute conversation is born. New friends, hurrah!

3) I can get away with funkier, edgier outfits to match my funkier, edgier hair. Feel like being a diva today? No problem, poof out the hair and go full afro. Instant pulling off ANYTHING.

4) I’m pretty sure it contributes to me looking significantly younger. Sure, that could be the little to no makeup, my small size, or my itty bitty titty committee membership, but I think the curls also play a significant role in constantly being asked for I.D. (when the drinking age in Canada is 19, friends!). There’s something youthful and innocent about a head full of curls.

5) I can stand out in a crowd. Although this may be considered a disadvantage for some, I love it. I have  been meeting friends countless times who informed me they were able to find me “because my fro guided them.”

6) I can put a braid in and it will stay. Without an elastic. Sometimes I look at curly hair as this cool pipe cleaner style of fun – I can braid my hair casually and have it retain position without having to spritz, spray, pin, or tie anything. Magic!

7) People remember you more easily because your hair made an impression. I rarely have issues with having to re-introduce myself, or people not recognizing me. Unless, of course, I made the mistake of straightening my hair (never again!).

8) Two words: Mini. Umbrella. My hair absorbs the rain and keeps it off my shoulders for the next little while. Versatile!

9) My hair gets better with humidity. Some of this behaving is because of the Curly Girl Method, but I also LOVE the volume my hair takes on when the weather is hot and sticky. Curly hair absorbs moisture, so my hair just drinks it in when the heat kicks in. I think it looks great! Embrace it!

10) Instant. Pillow. I don’t think I really need to elaborate.

What are some of your reasons why you love curly hair? Straight or curly-haired people are welcome to answer!



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  2. Oooh! Instant updo… I love that I can wear my hair down (or in a ponytail) all day and then use about a bajillion bobby pins and BAM! Glamorous hairstyle. 🙂

    ..and I constantly twirl my hair as well. 😀

    • Jess A

      Oh mygosh. Twirling it is addictive. Not ten minutes goes by that I’m not playing with my hair…I know it’s juvenile and silly-looking, but it’s so calming and fun….!!

      • lol I so hear you! I’m only saved on the days it is hopelessly confined in a bun or some other such form of hair torture. 😀

    • Jess A

      I didn’t! I picked the slightly masculine ‘Esquire’ (also not a very popular theme, haha!) and have stuck with it ever since, despite considering other themes. Thanks for making me extra pleased with my decision! It’s unique but simple. I wish I could design this kind of stuff.

  3. I totally agree with your list (not because of me, but my partners is a curly-curl). I don’t know if you do this, but #11 on your list is: give yourself your own haircut. My partner does it all the time, she can’t jack it up any worse than the salons have! But yes, eternal youth is stored in those magical curls, and I can always find her at the mall. Oh, and #12, you can transform into a unicorn with one spring of a curl.

    • Jess A

      Ahh yes to own trims! I totally started doing this, and was actually going to do a future post going over the ‘how-to’ behind it all. Now that I’ve got the general style, it’s so much easier (and cheaper) to trim it myself and control the length. How often does your partner trim hers? I’m trying to do once every 6 months, if that — it all depends on hair health!

      And unicorning—YES.

  4. I looove this Jess! Lol I used to hate my hair as well and when I was younger and flat irons were not really on the scene I would tie my hair really really tight and sleep with it hoping it would stretch out and be flat lol. I thought I looked like an electrocuted poodle! I also hated that i permanently looked 12 and cute. I’m not sure when I learned to love it but I did and so glad. It is absolutely a conversation starter as people are always saying Omg I love your hair. And now that I’m in my 30s I love the looking younger compliments. But curly hair rocks and best thing is even if u pull it up in a bun you still have a hairstyle!

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