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Room Makeover: Before

I’ve lived in Kingston, in Toronto, and even in Italy for some brief periods of time. Despite all that, I am currently residing with the people who are always there for me – my parents. As I’m in the process of trying to maintain permanent full-time teaching hours, I’m realizing that saving money for a house (or other large, long-term financial investment) would be better achieved if I saved some money by living with my folks. As wonderful as they are, and as easy as I sometimes have it, there’s the slight issue of….my bedroom. Take, if you will, a room that has not been changed since my Grade 6 hippie phase of beaded curtains, peace signs, and creative painting techniques. Although the curtains have long since been taken down, the yellow ragged walls with stars and suns border remains (how many of you remember this border from your elementary school days??). This is what some may call, a decorating disaster.

For those of you who are thinking, “Wait a minute, Jess, those are super cool! How can you not like that?” – please tell me you’re joking. You’re not? Oh, well, shoot. A practical reason for it not being cool, besides aesthetics? My parents will need to sell the house in the next few years, and I’m sure having a sun and stars moon is not highly rated when looking for potential real estate. Besides that, it creates a more cluttered environment for a room that is already small and stuffed full of things that would fit perfectly well if I hadmy own apartment. The basement is already a temporary storage facility for a bunch of my junk — isn’t it about time that I cleaned out my room to match my more streamlined, minimalistic idea of design?

These are unedited because, damnit, I have to live looking at this unedited EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

These are unedited because, damnit, I have to live looking at this unedited EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


Clutter, books, fan, attempted Pinterest necklace project, clutter.


The tripod and the Shark Steamer are the focal points of this masterpiece. Do I have a floor?


Yes, that IS a Royal Doulton Bunnikins collector item in my closet, and a Wonder Woman bag that I use for gym workout gear. I feel like this shot could be included in an Eye Spy book. Also, I DO have lovely clothes.

Goals for Makeover:

  • de-clutter; keep only things I use and need
  • find a cool way to showcase my shoes and purses, without taking up a ton of extra space
  • re-organize things appropriately, especially my large clothing collection. Do I really need to keep those pants I’ve worn once in the past three years?
  • neutral palette, probably in soft, natural white, to go along with the white furniture and bedding I already own
  • try to make more space and keep an airy, simple feel – a space that I want to work and rest in
  • find inspiration by using my Pinterest Sleep and Organization boards

I will keep you posted as this little side project progresses. Who knows what will be in store! Maybe I’ll get lazy and fall in love with the stars and suns all over again, just like 12-year-old Jess. Or maybe – and this is even better – I can share with you all the random things I find in the process of clearing out my room. Thoughts? I’m open to tips and ideas. Help!



  1. sch100

    I love this! Besides seeing how other people live, a deep de-clutter is good for the soul. It is scary how much this looks like my room all the time (minus the stars and moon border). Excited to see how this goes.

    • Jess A

      Thank you! I hope to post lots as I go along. It’s so refreshing to get a whole new look in your surroundings!

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