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Le [hippie] Chic, C’est Freak.


hippielookdownPlum and Posey necklace (previously seen here), H&M chambray shirt, vintage earrings

All of the de-cluttering of my room has caused me to have constant waves of nostalgia, usually upon discovering letters written between friends, or old school and artwork that I was incredibly proud of. When I was 12, I really started ‘getting into’ fashion – and by that, I mean taking the bell bottom trend that was on its way in and creating something that was on a whole other level. I was the 60s and 70s, man. I wore fringed flares (custom fringing by my fashion-savvy mother), a huge pewter peace medallion, and enough lime green and orange (in unison), that even John Lennon circa the Magical Mystery Tour would be proud. This outfit is my tribute to Grade 6 Jess…although she would probably chuckle at its toned down vibe, I think she would appreciate the overall impression.

hippieshoesSilver Suki jeans, Spring shoes, handmade leather braided bracelet

hippieaccessoriesAwesome key necklace handmade by Liana Marie (similar one found here, entitled ‘Alice’), Urban Outfitters Heart Sunglasses





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