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Curly Hair Resources

How many hours have you spent researching curly hair, striving and straining to find an answer to your burning lock-related question? I can almost guarantee that I’ve doubled it. Although I do enjoy touting myself as something of a curly hair zen master, it wasn’t always that way, and I can’t always give all the information, no matter how hard I may try (different hair types! Different needs! Different methods!). That’s why I’ve compiled this list of resources that I found (and still find!) helpful for people with a variety of curls. Celebrate them all!

Black Girl with Long Hair – seriously one of the most helpful resources in terms of sealants and moisturizers. This website tends to focus more on tighter coils, known as type 3B and above (for point of reference: my curls are 3B/3C mix). They also have style icons matching a variety of hair styles, making it easy to read about people with hair similar to yours. For those of you who are still curly, but perhaps not this intensely curly: the masks and conditioning information (lots of natural, food-based stuff here! Think, cheap and so good for your hair!) are still very relevant for your hair type. Relevant for anyone’s hair type, really. Like most curly hair websites, this one tends to focus on the sulphate-free Curly Girl Method that I use, but doesn’t entirely discourage silicones, depending on the type of silicone.

Curly Nikki – this lady (and her guest bloggers) cover everything from product reviews (using science to explain why certain reactions occur!) to hair styles to simple basics. This is a great resource that continually pops up when I do a search for curly-related items. There’s even a section on curly celebs for inspiration and a discussion on hair and fitness. Similar to Black Girl with Long Hair, the focus is on black and natural curly hairstyles. I tend to opt for these websites because the hair type is similar to mine, although, again, there is a lot of helpful and useful information for people with a softer curl.

Naturally Curly – this is the motherload of curl websites. Featuring everything from product reviews (and so MANY product reviews!) to hair care, styling, colouring, and even forums where you can discuss a variety of curl-related topics, Naturally Curly is an online curl giant. They have information on both shampoo and no-shampoo methods, offer a quiz to show you what ‘type’ your hair is (sometimes helpful to know when visiting websites such as these), and have numerous galleries on people with hair just like yours (you can even upload your own photo!). Although I sometimes find the layout a bit overwhelming, there is so much useful information buried everywhere that I’m willing to overlook the slightly ADHD design.

So, these are three great resources I use when looking for curl-related information. I’m curious to know, what do you check out for help with your hair? Books, webpages, friends? Leave a comment below to let me know!



  1. Thank you for posting these links. I LOVED the quiz to determine what kind of curls you have! Just learned I’m a 3a/3b. Super helpful for styling and products tips to have this new info:)

    • Jess A

      I found that quiz super helpful, too. I mean, sometimes that type of information isn’t very relevant, but it does help me determine certain hair products that are better for my texture/shape/etc. I’m glad you could gain some information from these lovely links!

    • Jess A

      Also — how are you managing with bangs and curly hair?

  2. Stacie

    I am a curly haired girl… Although I do admit, I think it’s turned more into a wave over the years since I swear by my straightener! I will have to check these links and get my curly haired roots back!

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