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Coconut Oil = Vanity

coconutoilselfieIt is humid today, but I can’t tell because I used coconut oil on my hair for the first time ever! It may be difficult to tell from this very poor photo, but I’m thrilled! Coconut oil for everyone!!

Also, while we’re on it, I need a new nose ring…thoughts/suggestions?

Thanks for feeding my insatiable hair vanity. You guys make me happy.

xo Jess



    • Jess A

      Thank you kindly dear! I replied to your other comment but let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Jess A

      Hey! I just warm it up in my hands, and scrunch it onto the ends mostly when it’s damp. It seals in moisture and makes my hair super soft! 😊

  1. Omg I love Coconut oil its the best thing on this planet for my hair to fight this Alabama southern heat/humid days 🙂

  2. Food in hair. On purpose. Amazing.

    Also, I agree with the previous person – hoop rings are pretty badass, I love mine.

    • Jess A


      Also, Shannon, do you wear your hoop in a work/professional environment? Also – what kind do you have? I currently only use titanium because my skin is fairly sensitive. I wonder if there are a lot of hoops available in that material?

      • I totally wear it to work – people have gone month’s without even noticing I have one actually. I still wear it when our President and CEO are here too – no one’s ever said a word!

    • Jess A

      It’s super verstaile – last night I used it as a makeup remover/eye cream, all in one!

      And thank you kindly for the curl compliments!

  3. Kattie Kate

    Oh my goodness! Your hair looks great! I am a curly girl too and my hair is thriving in this humidity…but not in a good way…
    Can you get coconut oil in a retail store?

    • Jess A

      Yes ma’am! You can find it at most larger grocery stores, and at health food stores, too. It’s in the oil section. If you’re unsure about it, I suggest trying a Bulk Barn (if they have them near you, or something similar to a bulk food store) – they usually have scoopable options so you can try just a little bit out at a time. Let me know if you find it and try it out!

      • Kattie Kate

        Okay! Sounds great. Thank you!

  4. Stacie

    I can always tell the weather by the state of my hair!!

    And have you ever done a hoop nose ring?! I LOVE them and it would totally look kick ass on you.

    Fabulous as always xo

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