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Bits of Happy


1. With the cooler weather coming on, my thoughts have turned to wool and plaid – embodied in this gorgeous coat by Won Hundred.

2. Answer a question of the day, and, right or wrong, Freekibble donates high quality food to shelters in need (it’s set as my homepage, making it so easy to answer a question quickly before continuing on my surfing!).

3. I am seriously craving the latest collection from Liana Marie, in particular this necklace that goes by the awesome name of Elvia.

4. I’m currently obsessing these inspirational different ways to decorate your home with washi tape.

5. These honey cupcakes with marscapone frosting and caramelized figs might make me want to forgo my no-sugar dietary attempt.




    • Jess A

      Yes! I totally ordered some tape off washi after seeing this and am planning on creating my very own minimalist ‘headboard’ in a seafoam green. I can’t wait to see how it changes the space.

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