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Room Makeover: Bed

These are unedited because, damnit, I have to live looking at this unedited EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

BEFORE [Oh dear.]


AFTER [Awesome]


Alright, so I didn’t change that much to the bed. It’s still white, it still has the same duvet cover, and currently I am enveloped in soft white flannel sheets to fend off the impending cold that will be striking us within a few weeks. But, however, I did shamelessly steal an idea to completely change the vibe. I ordered inexpensive washi tape online here and simply put it up in a design that is totally not my own. It adds a nice ‘headboard’ effect without the cost and without taking up extra room. Plus, the lovely deep gold complements the rest of the room nicely – including my jewelry display, as well as the gold elements in my old dresser. Can you say, quick and easy fix? Perfect!

Secondly, the nightstand – I didn’t like the matchy-matchy of the nightstand and the dresser, so I ousted the nightstand in lieu of these amazing vintage suitcases. The best part? I didn’t even have to go spend money on them at some fancy antique store – they are my maternal grandmother’s, which she purchased shortly after getting married in the 1950s! Not only do they look gorgeous, but they’ve been all over the world (grandma has traveled, man) and they are filled with family history. Not literally, of course – I’ve been using them as storage for things like paperwork and taxes. You know, the necessary stuff that I don’t need to see all the time. This is a brilliant solution!


headboard4What’s next for this section of the room? I’d love a bedside table lamp – preferably one in a brighter colour or in muted gold. I’d also love a lucite serving tray, which is apparently harder to find than I anticipated (especially with specific measurements). Let me know if you have any ideas of where I could find such a thing! Also – have you ever tried stacking suitcases to replace a table? Pics! Comments of your savvy decorating skills!




  1. Naomi

    Love the gold tape!! I thought you painted it at first, but tape is so much better.

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