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Bracelet Giveaway!!!!

Jolapis.JPG.opt213x206o0,0s213x206I am so BEYOND excited about this!! I’m not sure if the caps lock showed it, BUT I AM TOO FREAKING EXCITED! I’m teaming up with Liana Marie (check out her interview with me here, or some of her fabulous baubles here) to offer you guys a giveaway! My first ever giveaway! Like a real blogger and all that. Wow.

So, first things first: you can win this amazing, handcrafted, Canadian-made lapis lazuli JO bracelet (two are pictured above; only one will be given away). This bracelet was named after Jo March (for those of you who are Little Women fans) and features the beautiful, rich blue lapis lazuli stone, brass tube, and a lobster enclosure. It is a fabulous piece to wear on its own, but also wearable with others (especially other JO bracelets – check out some other colours at Liana’s Etsy store). Basically, I adore this piece and frankly I’m quite jealous that we’re giving it away!

Now to the juicy bits: how to enter! In order to qualify for this fantastic deal (paid shipping to anywhere in the world is included – you just win yourself an awesome free bracelet!) you must:

That’s it! A winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, October 12. Final entries no later than midnight on Friday, October 11. Feel free to share with friends, family, or whatever – this gorgeous bracelet also makes a great gift!

Best of luck to all entries! I’m so excited for you! AND ME! Ahhhh all the excitement!!!!

**Only one entry per person. Winner will be notified through contact information available; email is the most likely mode of contact. Draw will be done through random selection on Saturday, October 12, as soon as I feel like waking up (it’s a Saturday!).**



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  2. Dani

    Loving the Liana Marie jewellery! How talented!!
    I’d be wearing this lovely bracelet to my brand spankin’ new store, and pair it with all my Ricki’s looks, layered up for fall! Just bought the perfect oatmeal sweater that bracelet would compliment perfectly with jeggings and boots!

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  4. Heather Temple

    Hey Jess… Love the blog and love the. bracelet! Fingers crossed!!

    • Jess A

      Awesome! Thanks for checking it out! You are officially entered – best of luck my dear!

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  6. Liked and Liked and would LOVE to win that fab bracelet! For fall, I could see myself wearing it with some dark skinny jeans, tall boots, and maybe a nautical inspired sweater or blouse- a little red thrown in with the blue 🙂
    Curly Kim

    • Jess A

      Sounds super cute! You are officially entered, Kim – good luck to you!

    • Jess A

      Awesome Katie! Putting you in the draw my dear!! Best of luck!

  7. Katie Bunting

    Hello from the capital Jess! As a fellow curly girl, I’m loving your blog! Congrats on your first giveaway! I’ve liked Liana’s page too and I’d love to be entered in your contest. As a big Little Women fan I appreciate the bracelet’s name! Blue is my favourite colour, so I can see myself wearing this piece to school while teaching with many different outfits – I’m picturing a casual Friday in jeans and a short sleeved blazer so I could show off the new piece on the wrist! And little blue flats to match 🙂

    Sending you a big hug! xo

    • Jess A

      Thanks Katie, you adorable little vixen! Thanks for the support and I’m going to enter you in the draw! Best of luck!!

  8. Stacie

    I’d like to be entered 🙂 I ‘like’ you both on Facebook 🙂

    To be honest, I would likely give this bracelet to my mother. She’s an accessory queen and I know she’d love it! I can see her wearing it with some patterned skinnies, cute flats and a neutral top.

    • Jess A

      Awesome, love the generosity, Stacie! You are officially entered and I wish you (or your mom…! lol) the best of luck!

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