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Comments About My Curly Hair: Kids Edition

This is somewhat how I look when children are commenting on my hair.

This is somewhat how I look when children are commenting on my hair.

I work at a school. A very small, community-minded independent school that specializes in working with students with learning disabilities. We teach kids from the age of 8-15, and we have an adult program as well. This is a particularly interesting circumstance, as a) many of them have NO filter. Seriously, that’s what some of them are at the school to work on. And b) I am far and beyond the only really curly-haired person at the school. Of about 45 people, somehow, I’ve gotten pigeon holed as the curly one. Which is fine by me, but sometimes it makes for interesting conversation. So, I’ve decided to track some of the things kids have said (or done) about my hair.

1) “How do you make it so curly?” – as the 8-year-old boy starts playing with a ringlet. When did it become ok to touch your teacher’s hair?

2) (Pointing to a book authored by Weird Al Yankovic): “Is this guy your brother?”

3) From a 10-year-old boy: “You must just want to play with your hair all the time.”

4) “I can’t see the board, Miss, your hair is in the way!”

5) (In response to the board comment): “It’s not just hair, it’s an afro.”

6) “Look at what your hair does!” – 8-year-old boy with his fingers in it. Again, not ok, kids!

7) “Your hair looks…interesting.” – 10-year-old girl, after coming to school with my hair in a braid

8) “Maybe you should make the part not so far to the side. Just saying.” – thanks, 8-year-old girl

9) “It’s so fluffy.”

A sampler of what I’ve heard…I will keep you posted as the year progresses and perhaps more comments come my way.



  1. Whenever I wake up late and don’t have as much time to tame my hair, I get so many comments about how I ‘look like a lion’. I have had people physically touching it as I walk past them in the hallways!
    My friends are also always ready with a camera whenever I wake up after a sleepover which has lead to some… interesting… facebook posts!

    • Jess A

      Ha! Omg I can’t believe your friends do that to you! But also…yes. My boyfriend might have done the same thing.

  2. Once had a kid in line in front of me at a Target tell his mother, “That girl has a lot of fur.” I was apparently an animal.

  3. LMAO. Don’t you love these type of comments. I used to get offended before but now I just love it.
    I get, omg you look like a lion in the morning or no not a lion more like a jungle woman… is something going to come crawling out of your bush? lolololol… compliments of my boyfriend.

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