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Quest for a Fall Boot

This post is more of a rant, I’m afraid. I’ve been on the search for perfect autumn boots for years now. You know the type – to the knee, a beautiful rich caramel colour (it matches everything!), structured, classic, and well made (I don’t want to have to replace them after one season). Oh, and the price matters a little bit, too – as a teacher going from contract to contract, salary is never guaranteed. I’m not afraid to make a bit of an investment, but anything over $400 makes me a little squeamish.

So, what’s my problem? Well, let’s say that I’m not particularly well endowed in the calf department. Put bluntly, I have small, skinny legs. Like a child. No amount of running or heavy weights over the years has changed it; chicken legs I have and chicken legs they shall stay.

What’s a girl to do? I know many of you are crying out with frustration, “I have the opposite problem!” Well, no matter your ankle to calf ratio, one thing is for sure: there needs to be more customizable, affordable options out there for people looking to purchase boots. I, for one, am tired of looking like a young girl that got into her mother’s shoe collection. Just as I’m sure many of you are annoyed of finding your perfect solemate only to realize the upper part won’t squeeze over your calf. I want options for us!!!

I’ve been scouring that most reliable of sources, the internet, for some solutions. I’ve only been able to find two companies that specialize in this type of boot need, but in turn, if any of my readers have suggestions for boots, I would love to hear about them! Leave me a comment below, or feel free to send me a response to my Twitter, or leave a post on my Facebook page.

And now, presented, for your viewing pleasure: the only boot companies I can find that fit all body types.

duoboot1. Duo Boots – Based out of the UK, this company has a really great selection with a wide variety of solutions for those of us with tiny legs, and those with larger calves. You pick your calf measurement as well as your shoe size, and these boots will be mailed out to you. I recently ordered the pair here, called FLORE, and they cost $315; however, they had a fall promotion sale going on that took 15% off. Shipping is free, and returns are too. The only thing that isn’t fantastic for me, personally, is the crazy amount of taxes and duties, but that has more to do with my country (Canada) than the company themselves. I will report back to you all how these boots work out! The price range for this company is anywhere from $260-$385 US.

poppyboots2. Poppy Barley – This Canadian company’s name is based off the way that cordwainers (shoemakers of fine leather footwear) used to measure when sizing for shoes: poppy seeds and barley corn. This is a much more customizable shopping experience – you pick the type of boot you enjoy, the colour, and then give your measurements. These are more extensive measurements than Duo, as they handcraft the boot for you. They seem to have nothing but glowing customer service reviews, and offer extra little touches such as offering a free tape measure. Although the styles are more limited, they are all classic and definitely an asset to any wardrobe. Pictured above is the Everyday City Boot in Black. The prices at Poppy Barley range between $450-$475.



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  2. Just an idea..but what about checking genuine riding boots? Sometimes because they’re made for a purpose rather than fashion, the fit is better.. xxx

  3. Well a problem is a problem no matter if you have skinny or wide calves. Another option to consider is Nordstorm. You can search their selection of shoes and indicate the shaft size of your boot! Zappos also has the same criteria so there is another great resource. Lastly, you can consider getting an “adjustable” boot, meaning a pull-on boot instead of one with a zipper. That version would have a more form fitting shape that can help tighten the gap.

    • Jess A

      This is true. I checked out Zappos a few times and was a little overwhelmed, but Nordstrom would be good to try as well. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Yeah, I totally have the opposite problem. But I do understand your pain! I’ve heard of DUO, actually. I wanted to go in and try on in person when I was in the UK to make sure what size I need, but I never remembered when I was there. Whoops!

    I wish you all the best of luck! Good boots are so essential (and should not be this hard to find)!

  5. I’m looking for new boots, too,except I’m looking for black boots … and if anything, I need an extended calf (soccer legs!). I really want a pair of Frye boots, but they’re more on the expensive side. I have a pair of caramel Jessica Simpson boots that I really like, and I think they were less than $200!

    • Jess A

      Oh, I’ve been eyeing Frye boots for a while now…but agree, they’re a little pricey (although I found an awesome men’s pair in a vintage shop for $40!). I will check out Jessica Simpson’s line and see if they have anything that caters to my narrow legged-ness!

      • B

        Many of Frye’s boots are made in their own U.S. factory and use the Goodyear Welt construction method; this makes them more expensive. Both of the boot companies you’ve looked at contract out their manufacturing and use more economical manufacturing techniques. If your around Toronto you might want to look at Nick’s Custom Boots ( The price may make your eyes water but boots like these will last the rest of your life!

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