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Duo Boots Review

boots6Some of you may have read my disgruntled reaction to the boot market in a previous post. Trying to fit my skinny, toothpick legs into the ‘average-sized’ tall boots caused a problematic amount of gaping. Basically, it made me look like a child had broken into her mother’s shoe closet. Not a good look for a grown woman.

So, I took the (somewhat) financial plunge and bought custom-made boots from Duo, a company based out of the UK. This was a big deal, as a) I wasn’t able to try them on before purchasing – a huge risk for me, and b) the customs and import fees in Canada were half again the price of the boots, and potentially non-refundable, should I need to return them. Yikes.

But, finally, after much hmmm-ing and hawww-ing, I purchased them. After the rigmarole of shipping and delivery (DHL…grrr), I received the boots. And — guess what?! They fit perfectly!



Blessedly flat-footed in my left foot, which is quite apparent in this photo (that, and a slight hole in the ground).


I ordered the Flore in size 8, with a 31cm circumference. Now, my legs are about 31.75cm around, but the next size up was 33cm, and the Duo website told me to order a size down. I’m glad I did!

These are snug, but they are made of leather, which means they will definitely stretch and relax. The feet are slightly roomy, which is perfect because I can easily add some comfy insoles for added pleasantries. They zip of and feature elastic inserts on the inner part of the boot for extra stretch. They are the right size and, although there is ample room in the ankles, I’m ok with the slouchy factor.

No gape!

No gape!


I ordered the Flore because they were classic, in a light brown that is guaranteed to match just about anything. I like that they’re simple, fairly flat with just a slight chunky heel, and that the leather is soft. Thus far, it has been marked fairly easily, although perhaps this is something I can remedy with the proper moisturizer/whatever it is people put on leather to keep it nice. The style is awesome and I’m super happy with that!



-Customer Service-

When I inquired about the right boot for me, I had a quick email response with several suggestions tailored for my request. It was perfect that she also checked to see that the correct sizes were in stock. I ended up purchasing the ones that were the salesperson’s favourite!

-Overall Impressions-

I really like these boots. I hope that they will be a long term staple in my wardrobe. My only issue, which has nothing to do with Duo, is that they kind of emphasize just how damn skinny my legs are. I think that the contrast between my shoe size (which is a solid 8.5 – rather large on a tiny lady) and my leg size is amplified with this type of boot. Although I’m excited to wear them with skirts and dresses, I think I need to be careful that the pants I pair them with are also very slim fitting. Overall, this was a great purchase and I’ve gotten lots of compliments thus far.


What are your favourite boots? Did it take you long to find them?



  1. Amber

    These are the boots I was about to order today! How much was customs?

  2. fiona

    Do not shop at DUO as a US customer. They say on their web site that there is a $20 return fee but then you are slapped with a $53 customs fee from DHL!

    • Jess A

      Oh man!! That’s brutal!! I did find the customs fees a bit excessive, but I suppose that’s more to do with our country’s taxes and fees as opposed to DUO. I’m not surprised about it, though. That’s really too bad, Fiona!

  3. I’m so glad to hear about your experience, especially since I’ve been curious about them myself.

    I think the boots look fantastic, for what it’s worth! x

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