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Frizzy Friday: Length Revisited

Well, it’s finally happening! Or, rather, I think it’s happening…it’s kind of hard to tell…

I have been ‘officially’ using the Curly Girl Method for 10 months now. The last time I had a real hair cut was January, and the last time I self-trimmed was April. Recently, I coloured my hair, as I had all sorts of weird blond streaks near the ends (doing the ‘ombre’ effect, but in reality, I was just too lazy to colour my hair for the longest time). So, it’s coloured, but not trimmed.

I’ve been doing everything I should – never using sulfates, never heat styling (who wants a used-twice straightening iron?), eating well, washing only as often as I need to, and including scalp scrubs in my daily routine. So, has it worked?

I thought we could do a lovely comparison of a photo taken at a party (I am not, shall we say, photogenic) – this was taken at the end of January of this year. I will compare it to a much more planned, posed, current photo. Here you go:


Goddess. Yes, that’s a bunny print shirt. – January 2013

Posed, yet still stunned-looking.

Posed, yet still stunned-looking. October 2013.

What do you think? I think it looks almost the same, it’s just gone outwards a little bit. For some reason, the longer my hair gets, the tighter the curl. BLAH! The tricky part is while Pinterest is a source of inspiration for me (in that I get to pin lots of gorgeous curls similar to mine and see the potential mine have), it’s also a source of sadness. I see lots of straight-haired ladies rocking some serious braids or adorable hairstyles that, if my hair were straight, would work for me. But, alas, my hair is not straight, and I feel like these hairstyles will be forever out of my reach. Maybe I need some more curly hairstyle posts…

Anywho (sometimes I hate it when people say that made up word, and then I go and say it, so there you go. Typical.), what keeps you going during the length journey? And how does your hair grow? Out, down, up – not at all? Share!!



  1. mollieandrews

    I like your curls, they’re pretty and cute! In comparison my hair is a thick/frizzy/wavy mess. I’ve always noticed that my hair is frizzy at the back of my head, and near the roots of my head. I don’t know how to fix it, it seems like everything I do does nothing. Help?! 🙂

    • Jess A

      Hi Mollie – sorry for the delayed response! Frizzy curly hair can definitely be super frustrating. I’m curious to know what your hair care routine is? I use sulfate and silicone-free products, including botanical conditioners. I only wash maybe twice a week, if that, and use a satin pillowcase to help keep things in check. I also very rarely straighten – maybe once a year, or less! Let me know what kind of things you use and I can help you with a more customized suggestion list!

      • mollieandrews

        Hi Jess, that’s okay, sorry for my late reply back to your message!

        Frizzy curly hair is the worst. Lately I’ve been washing it once to twice a week. I use salon shampoo and conditioner, which is not organic, so it’s obviously not that great for my hair. I’ve thought about getting a satin pillowcase, but, I’m hesitant. I don’t like to straighten or curl my hair, it makes my hair feel oily, so I hardly ever put any heat on my hair, or products really. I use John Frieda Frizz-Ease’s shampoo and a leave in conditioner called haven something – I don’t know what the rest of it is called – (it’s been rubbed off from being used so many times)

      • Jess A

        Hey Mollie! Ok, so the first thing I would recommend is definitely using shampoo without sulphates/sulfates. It’s the stuff that makes shampoo super lather-y and bubbly; it also strips your hair of its natural oils and moisture. You can find lots of inexpensive brands now, as it’s becoming a lot more in demand in all hair markets (not just for curly/wavy hair). Secondly, pick a conditioner without silicones. Silicone produces buildup on your hair that, surprise surprise, can only be washed off with a shampoo containing sulfates. Tresemme Naturals has a great, inexpensive line, for a place to start – or Yes to Carrots Nourishing Conditioner. If your frizz really drives you crazy, after drying your hair (try using a t-shirt! It’s way less frizz-inducing than a towel), try a gel without drying alcohols or silicones; I use Giovanni’s Extra Hold Gel. I just flip my head, scrunch it into my curls, and presto! I try to let them air dry, or use a diffuser with the setting on cool to dry them. I only wash my hair once, MAYBE twice a week.

        Is any of this information helpful? It’s something you need to keep at for about a month to see the really dramatic changes, although I could see a difference almost right away!

  2. I love your curls! I’d be curious to know what products you use, I live in Italy and the wet weather certainly does not help my hair…in the last period they are a disaster 😦

  3. I love your curls! It sounds made-up, but I swear once I moved (to a much drier climate) my hair has stopped growing.

    • Jess A

      Seriously?! I wonder why that is…I live in southern Ontario, and the climate is pretty damp here all year round. I wonder how these things impact growth…hmm.

    • I think her hair really just is that thick. Am I naive? lol. I mean, it does help to not have fine hair, which I do.

      I know, that’s why I don’t really have bangs, and my stylist always talks me out of wanting them. But she can’t make the wanting go away completely!

  4. I have been wishing for a while I could do bangs, but even though my hair is not as tightly curled as yours, it would still look dumb. I’d have to blow dry them straight, and the rest of my hair would be curly. I just keep thinking of Zooey Deschanel, but she wears her hair wavy with bangs, not curly. Sigh.

    • I wear my bangs super curly. It took a while to get used to, but I just cut them long enough so when they curl, they kinda frame my face and cover my forehead. I mostly just let them do their own thing. 🙂

    • Jess A

      Damn Zooey for making fabulous hair seem so unattainable! But seriously, what kind of stuff must be in it to have that type of volume constantly? I would like a team of stylists to follow me around and make me look stunning.

      But in all seriousness, bangs *have* to be done right. I had them in the third grade and had to ‘straighten’ them with a Velcro curler every day. IN THIRD GRADE.

      • Whoops, I just replied to the wrong thing above, through the Reader. I’m not so good at technology, apparently.

        I think her hair really just is that thick. Am I naive? lol. I mean, it does help to not have fine hair, which I do.

        I know, that’s why I don’t really have bangs, and my stylist always talks me out of wanting them. But she can’t make the wanting go away completely!

      • Jess A

        Ha!!! You are the best. I’m just going to keep on thinking she’s not that gorgeous without a styling team. Happy bubble.

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