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Liebster & Versatile Blogger Awards

I’m sure many of you have seen the nominations for the Versatile Blogger and Liebster Awards floating around the blogosphere – a lovely creation that celebrates and promotes fellow bloggers. It’s a great incentive for those who are just starting out, and goes to show how wonderfully supportive the blogging community is.

Now, I was nominated by some particularly awesome people for one award or the other, and I’ve been a horrid blogger at returning the favour – my scattered brain keeps delaying thanking the wonderful people who have nominated me. So, here is the list of the incredible people who were kind enough to notice my piece of internet pie!

Nina at ninafashionlife – so many lovely daily things, like her gorgeous, ever-changing hair colour, funky and fun outfits of the day, and of course, her enviable nail polish collection!

The fabulous curls and cosmetics – a site that reviews tons of beauty products (and a fellow curly girl!). Check her out!

Stacie from Journey to the Stage – a super dedicated girl (from the same city as me! Go local ladies!) who has been journaling her journey to a fitness competition. She is both inspiring, clever, and funny in all of her posts. A great read!

The Lonely Lion details the life of a curly girl who is cute and funny and writes about a myriad of things.

Finally, Shiny Green Life is super wonderful – I am constantly in awe of her amazing food creations (lots of vegan stuff, lots of deliciousness!).

So, I know I’m wrecking all the rules about not writing answers to the questions but I just wanted to extend a heartfelt “THANK YOU!!” to people who took the time to read my schtuff and actually nominate me. Although I initially began blogging as a self-centered way to express myself, it’s become a humbling experience of joining a community and recognizing so many talented people. You guys inspire me, yo.


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