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[Truly] Frizzy Friday: Why I Hate My Straightener

Alright, that’s it. I’m officially throwing out my straightening iron. As a girl who rarely, if ever, straightens her hair (think: maybe once a year), a straightener was just something to have on the off chance that I felt like using it on a whim. However, at my school this week, we were having Spirit Week. One of the days was Crazy Hair/Hat Day, so of course, I wanted to freak the kids out by straightening my hair. I figured, I have a straightening iron in my bathroom, why not put it to use?

The problems are these: I got impatient trying to blow-dry my hair straight, and opted for the crazy blow-dry (pictured below). Pretty. Most of the time it was on cool; I only put it on heat for about one minute. However, that’s enough time to do damage. Second thing: my straightener is getting older, and was never a high quality one to begin with – I bought it at Shoppers Drug Mart, again, on a whim. Stupid. This time around, the black stuff on the iron was melting off, even though the highest heat it goes is well below 200 (anything over 300 is when the most heat damage will occur, so lucky for me to avoid that). Straightening took a while, with slight smoke and a weird smell coming from the iron (I thought about quitting, but as I was just over halfway through, I decide to plough on. Not the smartest).

This is a result of how NOT to blow dry.

This is a result of how NOT to blow dry.

Now that it’s done, I can see how terrible the ends look – all wiry and dry-looking, even though, upon closer inspection, not many of them (indeed, relatively few) are actually split ends. Phew.

Lessons learned: I’m throwing out my straightener, cleansing my hair of this silicone junk I put in to try making it look smooth, and giving it the most intense deep conditioner treatment TWICE this week. Also: a little trim, since I’m overdue. I’m leaving the straight hair for a couple days but this has most definitely convinced me to never straighten my precious curls again! Ugh! Hopefully this little shenanigan hasn’t set me back much in terms of growth and length. Down with straightening!!





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  2. lol I straighten my hair about every other year. It takes so long to get it looking sleek and nice…
    People don’t even “recognize” me. Mostly for me, it’s also not worth it. 😉

    • Sarah Katelyn

      Me too! My straight-haired mother never fails to mention “how much better I look” when my hair is straightened (which also happens about once or twice a year). I try to explain the damage-side but her eyes just gloss over >____<
      Down with straightening!

  3. Chelsey G

    Wow you can tell I’ve been up since 5 am due to the horrible grammar in that post. My bad!

  4. Chelsey G

    Love this post Jess!! I hadn’t straightened my hair for a few months, only really been using my curling wand. I love the wand because the heats only on my hair for a max of 3 seconds and I never put heat on the ends, prevent it from too much damage. I recent straightened it maybe 4 times (because a certain mister likes it better that way) & I SWEAR I can already feel a difference. My hair is much dryer & the ends have split like crazy!! Though I don’t think I could ever give it up like you. You go girl 😉 hahaha

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