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Holiday Lessons


Things I learned at Christmas this year:

  1. My brother has improved his wrapping skills. Immensely. Well done, kiddo!
  2. It is possible to be completely vegetarian and stuff yourself on nothing but vegetables and super indulgent mashed potatoes (they had CREAM CHEESE mixed in, people!!). Also, apple pie. Always yes to pie.
  3. I love to make homemade gifts for people. Putting time and work into something makes it mean ever so much more.
  4. Buying things has lost that sparkly feeling for me. I used to rush out, excited about Boxing Day deals, but that has lost its shiny appeal. Does this mean saving money will be even easier?
  5. Family becomes more and more important every single year. Grandparents have funny little bits of wisdom to offer, witty banter runs rampant, and people are capable of so much love and goodness.
  6. My uncle is very, very good at Scene It. I dare anyone to beat him in any pop culture-related game. He would be my ‘Phone a Friend’ option on many, many gameshows.
  7. It’s possible to have Christmas without my furry little sister, mostly because her happy spirit permeates everything related to the holiday.
  8. I continue to have amazing people who surround me during times when I’m not as peppy or truly myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So much.
  9. Just because you see the lottery winnings as $50 million and buy several lottery tickets when you normally never buy them does not mean that you will have a romantic, breathtaking win of the money. Daydreaming about it doesn’t increase your odds of winning.
  10. Forgoing healthy, mostly vegan eating for goodies and sweets truly does a number on the body. For example, using the logic that ‘eating gingerbread cookies for breakfast is acceptable because ginger is used in things like tea and soup to prevent illness and is therefore healthy’, is really not logic at all. D’oh. I sense a detox coming on in the next little while…

I hope you all had wonderful holidays. Enjoy the spirit of the season the right way by spending time with people who matter (including yourself – you deserve a break!).



  1. Your list made me smile. The gift wrapping skills and progress is priceless! I hope you have a wonderful New Year, keep smiling 🙂

    • Jess A

      I’ve never tried it with sweet potatoes but that does sound like a heavenly combination!

    • Jess A

      You too! My detox has already begun but may be derailed by New Years…worth it though!

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