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Hi, I’m Jess.

Blogging is a weird thing…there can be a lot of oversharing, or a lot of anonymity…whatever the writer prefers. There’s so much control. And, being a Type A personality, I really appreciate that. But I also love getting to know my fellow bloggers as well as my readers, which is why I thought it only fair to divulge some facts about myself (perhaps not as tantalizing as you might think!). So, deep breath…here I go!

Little known fact: I like beer. Just kidding! Everyone knows that.

Little known fact: I like beer. Just kidding! Everyone knows that.

1. My dad’s nickname for me has, and always will be, Skeezix. It was something he picked up when I was a baby and it just stuck. I later learned that it was the name of a character from a comic strip. I love it.

2. I didn’t get my nose pierced until I was 24 years old. I definitely came ‘late to the game’ for that – but, despite my irritations with it, I’m really happy to have gotten it done!

3. One of my feet is flat, the other over-arches to compensate. This makes buying shoes (particularly running shoes) a tricky event.

4. I am a giant, raging, no-holds-barred Lord of the Rings fan. That and the Chronicles of Narnia (the entire pack!) have been on my reading rotation for a long, long time.

5. I have been playing piano since the age of 3 and have been classically trained with the Royal Conservatory. No, I can’t play everything by ear, and yes, it’s been a while since I actually took lessons, but…I’m pretty damn good. It’s a great party trick.

6. I sucked my thumb until I was 12. 12!!! The only reason I stopped was because I knew that I needed braces, and my parents refused to get them for me if I didn’t stop. It worked.

7. I hate, hate HATE when cupboards or drawers are left open/won’t close. I refuse to acknowledge this behaviour as OCD, because I think that is a far more serious, life-debilitating condition, but it absolutely jumbles and squeezes my insides when someone does this. One of the most serious fights my ex and I got into was a ‘joke’ he played on me, saying that he left the cupboards in our apartment open as we were on the bus home to see our parents. I LOST IT. That ‘joke’ was never played again. It turns out he hadn’t actually left them open, which was his saving grace.

8. I’ve wanted to get the same tattoo for years, but keep switching up where to get it placed. The Anderson family motto, “Stand Sure”, in my dad’s gorgeous handwriting. But the question is…where? And so, it’s been over five years of me thinking about where, and still no location. Suggestions?

9. I used to believe that by praying, I could turn into Sailor Moon. Seriously. I would leave a stick on my windowsill and pray for it to be turned into the Moon Sceptre Wand (remember that?). It never worked. I would always wake up disappointed the following morning.

10. I have only broken one bone. My nose. It was fourth grade, and our gym class was playing free-for-all floor hockey (this was before face masks, dears. It was a time of hard plastic sticks and pucks, and slapshots galore). A classmate went to take a slapshot and naturally, my face was behind her stick. My distinct memories of the incident are as follows: my dad rushing into the school office, taking one look at me, and laughing while exclaiming, “Well, it looks like you broke your nose!”; being in the doctor’s office and having Dad (again), say “You are going to look like a football player under your eyes tomorrow. Black and blue.”; and staying inside on break when the other children were able to go out and play. Oh, did I mention that it happened shortly before Christmas and I had a duet to sing in front of the entire church on Christmas Eve? I’m pretty sure my mother used cover up and prayed that my voice wouldn’t be affected by the swelling.

Now that you know eerily more about me…what about you? Tell me:

  • something interesting and unique about yourself that not a lot of people know,
  • a crazy childhood event, and
  • a pet peeve that absolutely drives you crazy

Looking forward to getting to know you more!



  1. Dani

    I just found a letter i wrote to the spice girls when i was a youngster…and go figure, i start talking about myself in it…to let them get to know me a lil bit, you know?

    Funny thing is, all of my favs are still the same from when i was 9yrs old…

    An excerpt…
    Fav music: Spice Girls [okay this one has evolved a little bit, but i still love them]
    crush: Leonardo DiCaprio
    food: chocolate
    animal: horse [i also wrote ‘hawk’ in brackets next to horse-bahaha, whaaat?]!
    pastime: shopping
    sports: baseball and equestrian

    • Jess A

      Amazing. I’m so glad we were letter writers – a sure sign of being BFFs when we were older (it’s fate!). I still love the Spice Girls, and if we go on this trip, I say we make a Spice Girls soundtrack!!

  2. Glad to meet you Jess 🙂 I too am a Type-A personality. Born and raised in Texas, I have determined that I was not made for the cold weather, love dogs, and have only visited Canada twice (despite its proximity to the Mid-Atlantic where I now live). I am super impressed with your piano playing skills, like a good Asian child, I took lessons when I was young, but I turned out to be a better trumpet player (sadly both talents left unpracticed for many years) 🙂

    • Jess A

      I think I should have been born in Texas, too…the cold is just awful. Nothing makes me more miserable than trying to start my car on a really cold, early morning.

      I laughed at your ‘good Asian’ comment – I used to work at a boarding school as a Residence Don, and many of the students were Asian. Their piano skills could whoop mine any day (one girl was completing her Grade 10! I would swoon listening to her practice on the baby grand).

  3. I also love that you are giving us some fun, and silly insight into who you are. You are one of the people that usually comments or likes my posts so I just kind of tried to piece things together about you like that lol.

    Interesting thing about me: I am not ashamed to admit that I am a cray cat lady. I also design and sew clothes, and am writing a novel. (Yes, I enjoy being busy for no reason lol)

    Childhood event: As a child I would walk around telling people that I used to be a mother cat with 3 kittens in my past life.

    Pet Peev: I can’t stand it when people say mineS (clearly mine does not need an “s”) or just speak terrible improper grammar overall.

    • Jess A

      Ok, I’m a little in love with the idea of your childhood self telling people about your past cat life. I definitely did the past life thing, but with cats? New level of amazingness.

      Terrible grammar is really, really annoying – especially from people who are actually quite educated! I definitely agree with you there.

  4. Nicole L.

    Great post! Love this idea, I like reading more about the people behind the blogs. Interesting fact about myself is something we have in common… the piano! So random. I have a grade 7 with the Royal Conservatory and it’s also been years since I took lessons but I just signed up again for lessons that start next week! Fingers crossed I’ve still got it 🙂

    • Jess A

      I think that’s amazing that you signed up for lessons! I’ve been considering it for a while – are you diving right back into Grade 8, or starting at 7? I think playing piano is a lot like riding your bike…it will all come right back to you. Let me know how they go!

  5. What a fun idea! Such a fun post. And oddly enough, I can totally see you as a Skeezix 🙂 It fits.
    Here’s my answers:
    -I hoard food, especially chocolate and walker’s shortbread biscuits. I don’t want anyone else to eat them, but I don’t eat them right away. I just like knowing that I have them for some unspecified date. I once kept a pack of Minstrels from when I lived in England for 2 years before diving into them!
    -My childhood event isn’t too crazy, more kind of silly (but terrifying for my mother). My mom had brought these big potted ferns inside that morning because it was starting to get cold, and I guess she didn’t want them to die. I remember my younger sister and I were watching Peter Pan in the den, when my starting shrieking for us to go into the kitchen and stand on a chair. I just remember her throwing my younger sister on the counter (she was probably 2, I was 4), and directing me to stand beside her on the chair. She jumped on the chair by the phone, and proceeded to call my dad, crying the entire time. It turns out, a large snake had taken refuge from the cold inside the fern and had come out, only to lounge around in the middle of the living room floor. We had to stand on the chairs for a good half hour until my dad could get home and dispose of the snake!
    -I don’t really have any pet peeves, besides just little annoyances that people do that I can’t help. I wouldn’t consider this a pet peeve, but I can’t stand it when people burp out loud. It grosses me out! That, and the fact that most teenagers (and sometimes even older people) don’t use punctuation any more when writing texts, emails, or messages…that annoys me a lot, actually

    • Jess A

      Oh my gosh, I read this in a public place and laughed aloud at the image of everyone standing on chairs freaking out. Amazing!!

      Burps also gross me out, especially when people describe how they taste – ugh! Have some class!

      I’m also really impressed that you have the willpower to not eat things right away – I’m unable to hoard sweet things mostly because if I know they’re available, they WILL go into my body within a very short time period. The dark side of sugar addiction, indeed.

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