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Frizzy Friday: Dandruff vs. Curls

Hey, dried-out frizz balls. (I'm sorry.)

Hey, dried-out frizz balls. (I’m sorry.)

It’s happened. After constantly keeping a humidifier in my room (and consequently giving it up because I discovered a silverfish), I have resorted to a shampoo with sulphates for my poor dry scalp. I did it once. And boy, does my hair regret it.

Now, I’ve struggled with dry skin for a while (read: years). In ninth grade, I had a boyfriend who, upon holding my hand, exclaimed that I had old lady hands (I did, and still do). Eczema has popped up here and there, taunting me. At night I slather on the richest, highest Vitamin E content cream I can find (sometimes just putting on Vitamin E oil, straight out of the bottle). Really, it was just a matter of time before my scalp succumbed, regardless of what conditioner I was using.

Before you chastise me, I’ve tried many things – apple cider vinegar rinses several times, for a few days. Coconut oil. Not using gel. Rinsing out all of my conditioner in the shower (not ideal…this creates a frizzy, angry mess). You know when you reach your breaking point? Where you just cannot stand it anymore? I reached that point approximately a week ago. I was sick of not being able to wear black, tired of constantly itching, upset about feeling like nothing was working. So, I took my mother’s advice and tried one of her sulphate-laden shampoos with tea tree oil. While it made my scalp tingly and refreshed, it did a number on my hair. And I was already on thin ice due to the straightening incident. Oops.

Now, I’ve found Nature’s Gate Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, which is free of sulphates and silicones. I’ve used the conditioner in the past, but hopefully this will get me back on track. I’ve been eating my healthy fats in moderation, and taking fish oil and Vitamin D supplements (take that, seasonal depression!) to help stimulate oil production. I will let you know how this long and winding journey progresses by posting a review once I’ve used the product a few times. Hopefully, this works!

Have you ever dealt with dry scalp dandruff?



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  2. If you’re interested in moisture rich products, this is what works for me:

    I LOVE the Moroccan argan oil + argan stem cell conditioner triple moisture repairing by Acure Organics. Super moisturizing. (Haven’t tried their shampoo yet though.)

    I also recently discovered lotions and hand creams by Nubian Heritage. I tried their Raw Shea Butter with Soy Milk, Vitamin E, Frankincense & Myrrh Hand Cream and Body Cream and it was like magic. My hands were dry to the point that they had little scabs all over them and after a week of the hand cream it was like the scabs had never happened!

    • Jess A

      Ugh my hands get SO dry!! I will definitely have to try that out. Thanks for the recommendations!

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  4. Is it possible at all to try and concentrate the BAD shampoo just on your scalp and use a different shampoo on your ends? My scalp gets dry and a bit flaky, too, but sulphates don’t make me frizz. I did just get the Aesop Rose Scalp and Hair Masque, but the jury is out as to how effective it is.

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

    • Jess A

      I really want to try more scalp oils, but I feel like they never really make it through my mounds of hair (or my hair just greedily absorbs any excess oils or moisture…sorry, scalp!). It’s super frustrating to not be able to wear black is all I know!

  5. Is dandruff and dry scalp two different things or the same thing? I definitely have dry scalp issues, it’s completely frustrating. I found that had worked best was Clairol’s No Flakin’ Way shampoo. I had tried sulfate free, tea tree oil, etc. but finally this inexpensive shampoo seemed to work the best. I alternate washing my hair every other day and looking into scalp oil. I should try a humidifier as I am sure winter is also a contributing factor. It’s been a series of trial and error for me as going to a derm just yields a diagnosis of ‘dermatitis’ and steroidal cream 🙂

    • Jess A

      I’m not sure if they’re different or the same, I just know that I have dry skin everywhere else on my body so it would only make sense to have it on my head as well. The shampoo is doing an ok job, but not amazing. It’s weird, but having dandruff makes me want to wash my hair more, which I feel is counter productive. What scalp oils do you use?

      • I recently started to use Morraccan Oil dry scalp treatment. So far so good. I use it once a week and also alternate between Clairol’s No Flakin’ Way with a shampoo with Tee Tree Oil in it (I use Bumble and Bumble) I think my scalp issues are also stress-induced (i.e., stressed = itchier scalp) so as I actually have Scalpicin on hand for immediate relief b/c scratching makes it worse!

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