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Bits of Happy

This past week was one of those weeks, my friends. A rough week. Luckily, I was able to end it on many little positive notes – a best friend came into town, a good beer was had, and candy. Always candy.


A hike in the park for some relaxation? Yes please. Followed by hot tea, of course.


The only thing more fabulous than this glass was the beer in it. Well…maybe the guy behind it.


Delightful heart pancakes…the only heart-shaped one that turned out, but they’re pancakes, people! Let’s not get picky. The recipe will be making an appearance over at So Fawned this coming Thursday…


Potato pancakes (again with the pancakes!), stuffed with grilled veggies, topped with tarragon jam and more deliciousness. I love local.


Went to visit my old place of employment – a drop-in centre for at-risk youth downtown. I can’t believe this sign is necessary. Get yourself together, youths!



  1. I feel you when you talk about rough weeks, I hope this one starts out on better footing. Looks like you had a good weekend though, that last picture is hilarious! Also, I now strangely have a craving for pancakes :-p

    • Jess A

      Thank you, my dear! I couldn’t believe the sign, but I laughed aloud when I saw it. Pancakes are something that it always crave…they are such a quintessential food category in my life. Go make some! With jam and syrup! Mmmmm.

  2. Dani

    I LOVE this post! Super positive & warm….and that DYS pic make me laugh!!! HAHA! The end of winter is nearing & we have a trip to look forward to!

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