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Vicarious Travel…


The Kerala backwaters, as captured by Mike. Yes, please.

Anyone who knows me, knows my wanderlust; I love to travel, I love to experience, I love to see other places from other perspectives. My best friend also has this wanderlust, but magnified: I would venture to Scotland, he would brave India alone. Italy and France would call my name; gallivanting off to Eastern Europe would call his. Now he’s embarking on an extended stay teaching over in Thailand. Has he already stayed in a hostel right where the protests are currently taking place? Yes. Am I going to worry about him? Of course! Am I also going to hungrily, vicariously live through his travels? Obviously.

If you, too, are feeling like getting away from this awful Canadian winter we’ve been having – even just momentarily – I highly recommend checking out his travel blog, Always take the long way home. He’s always doing interesting things, has an excellent sense of writing and grammar (important stuff to us!), and, even if he will deny it, has a good eye for photographs. Although I’m sure he would chalk it up to the beauty around him, I like to give credit where credit is due.

Happy travels, happy reading, happy living!



  1. Let’s add this gal to our list of bloggers to contact. She’s still building her readership, so no rush, but she has great curly hair and does a combination of posts ranging on a variety of topics. She’s definitely green-oriented too. – Rachel

  2. Nice post, and thanks for pointing me to his blog. I’ve been to Thailand several times (I live in Korea) and sometimes blog about Thailand too, as well as travel more generally, and I’m always looking to connect with other bloggers who share similar interests. Please drop by Sweet Pickles and Corn if you have a minute. My most recent post is a tongue-in-cheek look at the things that I don’t like about Thailand (because I wasnt able to be there this winter and am stuck at home reading about my friends’ trips on facebook). Cheers, and enjoy your travels!

    • Jess A

      Awesome, I will have to check it out and pass it along to Mike as well! Thanks for popping by and commenting. Hope you enjoy following his adventures!

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