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Curl Ambassadors Review

Hey! So, I realized that I posted initially about my curly hair review a while ago, but the time has finally come – I went this past Saturday to the Toronto Harbord Street location of Curl Ambassadors. And it. Was. Awesome.

First things first: my hair had been complaining for a while. You know you should probably get a haircut when you mistake a hair elastic for a ball of hair, right? I wanted a better overall shape, and a trimming of all the gross split ends. I wanted to make sure that my length was retained, although the longer my hair gets, the curlier it seems to go (what a frustrating little minx my hair is!).

Frizz queen. Also: vanity.

Frizz queen. Also: vanity.

You can see how frizzy my hair was. Some curl definition, but overall, just sort of pissed-off looking. My hair is done with winter, man. It’s done with a lot of things, it seems.

So, Joe and I made the Greyhound trek to Toronto for me to get my hair done and just generally make a day of it. We stumbled off the bus, still a little bleary-eyed from lack of coffee, visited the nearby Starbucks, and traipsed to The Silver Snail and the mall before making the hike to 159 Harbord Street. Well worth it.

Upon first entering, I was struck by how cozy, tiny, and feel-good-vibe busy this place was. Women of all different curl types were coming in and out, shaking their curls upside down, laughing and hugging and chatting. It felt pretty damn awesome and relaxing to be there. For me. Joe beat a hasty exit once my stylist came out to take me. Quiet reading and coffee suit him better.

My stylist was Elisha, and she was lovely. She sat me down, asked me about my curly hair routine, and was quite knowledgeable. I learned that I have fine hair, but a lot of it, and that it’s difficult for me to get volume because my hair really likes to spiral together (hey, Shirley Temple comparisons!). She talked about her experience there – 4 years – and how they had gotten a Lorraine Massey representative to come in and train everyone in the dry cut. I loved the dry cut. It was quick, got rid of lots of unhappy hair ends, and I was on to the sink in no time. The DevaCurl products that she used on my hair were lovely – it felt like no residue was left on my hair, and such a nice smell. Elisha also explained the entire process to me as she was doing it. My favourite part was the shake out – front, side, side, back – to make sure that the products were evenly distributed on my hair. Then under the dryer and onto the diffuser drying process.

I left with an extremely bouncy, soft feeling in my curls, as well as a bottle of the DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam and some hair clips. I paid for the cut, taxes, foam, clips, and tip for around $150. I would definitely go back here, and if there are any curlies in the Toronto area, I would definitely recommend checking this out!

Finally, my hair after (because I’m smart and forgot to get Elisha to take the photos…sorry!):

Close-up, so you can see how bouncy they are (and this was after I washed it for the first time after the appointment; I also used the foam that I had purchased).

Close-up, so you can see how bouncy they are (and this was after I washed it for the first time after the appointment; I also used the foam that I had purchased).

Farther out, so you can see the overall style. It's still a little damp, but the volume will come once it dries fully. Also, say hello to my mother's curtains.

Farther out, so you can see the overall style. It’s still a little damp, but the volume will come once it dries fully. Also, say hello to my mother’s curtains.

Where was your best haircut? Do you always go to the same stylist? Have you ever had a dry cut? (Ok, I’ll stop with the questions. FOR NOW.).



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  3. I go to Curl Ambassadors too, have been for at least 3-4 years (after I gave up straightening my hair.)

    Just curious, has your hair regime changed after this appointment? I read in an earlier post that you typically let your hair dry in your t-shirt for a bit before adding gel, and this adds volume for you. I’ve never tried that. I normally add the product while still in the shower (water is off though), that’s what my hair dresser does. But I love volume so I should try your method.

    I personally think their secret ingredient is the standing dryer – my hair always looks best after coming out of one of those things. Been debating buying one of those counter models.

    • Jess A

      Hi Daniela,
      How exciting that you go there, too! To be honest, my routine hasn’t changed terribly since going there. She made my ringlets super defined, yes (and I’m sure that must be in large part due to the standing dryer), but I like a little mess, and only notice more volume when I leave the t-shirt on for a little bit, and apply the gel after. I can be crazy and not apply gel at all, but I find come Day Two my hair is pretty much a fluffy bit of unmanageable.

      Did you find your routine changed after your visit there? Were you a CG before going?

      • Yeah, the first time I went I had no idea what I was doing with my curly hair, I basically straightened it or wore it up. So my routine totally changed. I use the Deva line of products, although I haven’t been using my low-poo shampoo for a while now, mostly b/c i am lazy and i don’t find it makes much of a difference. I also use their curl defining gel and the foam that you bought. I don’t think my curls are as tight as yours, and they definitely loosen the more days I wait between washes.

        I will try your method though, I love volume. Will let you know how it goes!

        Sidebar – I also tried a sleep cap from EboniCurls, but I didn’t find it the most comfortable. Lots of good reviews online though. I need to get a satin pillowcase.

        Sidebar #2 – why do i feel such an affinity for curly haired strangers? i feel like i could talk about curly hair forever.

      • Jess A

        Haha! I find the same affinity. I think it’s because we’ve weirdly all experienced the same struggles, and it acts as a bond. Like, how many curly-haired people have spent hours freaking out over their hair? How many curly haired people have endured parents with straight hair trying to brush through it all, and the agony that goes along with it? Etc. etc. I’m always interested to know the routines of people with curls. I also find myself instantly drawn to them in social scenarios; I am not shy at all and will just approach and say, “I love your hair!!” because I know we can talk for a solid 20 minutes about it alone. Great segue way!

      • So true about parents not knowing what to do – I was about 13 when my step mom forced me to straighten my hair for a family photo because she didn’t want me to wear it up. Since I was visiting for the weekend (and did not get advance notice about this pic), I didn’t have my regular supplies. So I used this old school wooden brush with plastic bristles. I think it was like the first or second take on me rolling up the brush and pulling it straight when it got stuck, right near my scalp. My dad had to use pliers and pull about 2/3s of the bristles out of the brush to get it off, and since it was so close to my scalp, the brush kept bashing against my head.

        Needless to say, I wore my hair up for that damn photo. They treat it like a family joke now, but I do not share the sentiment.

        End rant.

  4. I thought your curls looked hot in the first photo (you have beautiful eyes by the way)
    but as I read on scrolled down my oh my, your curls are popping!

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