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Curly Hair & Humidity: My Hair in Cuba

For those of you who aren’t CG aware, this post is going to have shocking little to do with me complaining about volume (which, to be honest, I absolutely love – volume is awesome!), and more to do with how little my hair texture changed while visiting a tropical climate.

Let’s rewind a little bit – the last time I went to a tropical climate was about 2 years ago, well before I discovered the Curly Girl Method and accepted Lorraine Massey as my goddess. My hair was typical – wild, barely controlled by my dips into the salt water, and no matter how humid it was, it still looked frizzy and dry. Yuck. No good. You can check out that hot mess (kind of) here:


Now, let’s flash forward. My most recent trip to Cuba took place after approximately a year of fairly strict Curly Girl Method (no silicones, no sulfates, only straightened it once [at which point I threw out my straightener]), and only a week after my first official curly dry cut. Not only did I notice the killer volume that I loved and coveted from previous humidity, but my little friend called definition. That’s right! Sure, it poofed a bit, but damn, those curls were tight! Although my hair was pretty grumpy by the end, due to the constant dips in the pool and the sea (sorry, curls, there was a poolside bar that needed taking advantage of), it was overall, a much less stressful trip, hair-wise. I used no gel, only leave in conditioner. Smoooooth.

Please excuse: the sweaty sheen, the goofy expression, and the sunburned nose.

Please excuse: the sweaty sheen, the goofy expression, and the sunburned nose.

So, tell me, what do you use to battle humidity? Or does your hair even react to those conditions? Share, share!



  1. Wow wow wow! What a difference a bit of knowledge makes!!!! – also very jealous of trip to Cuba..somewhere I’ve always wanted to go… xxx

    • Jess A

      Go!! It’s hot, and awesome. There were a lot of Canadians there, and surprisingly, a number of Germans, too.

  2. thepurevoyage

    Hi Jess, I really like reading your blog and looking through you pretty food and travel pictures, that’s why I’m passing on the Liebster Award to you. Come and claim it if you want it 🙂


    • Jess A

      Hi Natalie, how sweet of you! Thank you very much, you’re too kind xo

  3. Although I don’t have curly hair so I don’t fully understand the perils if curly hair, but your hair looks great after adopting the new method. Love those tight curls! I see the definition!

    • Jess A

      Thanks, Elaine! It definitely is a different ball game when talking about the difference between curls and straight/wavy hair. Now if only length would happen….

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