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Bits of Happy

Lately, I feel lost. I’m looking for inspiration constantly – that little spark that gets me fired up and passionate about something. Things are just…blah. With the warmer weather coming, I’ve got something to look forward to. But until then, here are some little tidbits that are helping me keep on trucking…


A fun little sign on a wall out at my old university…


I had this amazing homemade lemoncello at my friend’s birthday party. However, I really wanted to make fun of the fact that the glass is super small. I was going for the effect of ‘OMG I’M A GIANT’. Did it work? I’m not so sure.


Best friend birthday = birthday cake, naturally. With confetti.


My attempt at getting my creative groove back…not sure it’s working. My hand looks warped but for posterity sake, I thought it fair to show you all (I used to be good at drawing, I swear!!!).


Visited Menchie’s for the first time yesterday; I can’t believe I haven’t gone until now! It was super fun. Watermelon sorbet, carob chips, and obviously, candy watermelon slices = Sunday heaven.



  1. Dani

    I was going to say that pic with the tiny glass reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, and i scrolled down only to find that you drew a rabbit with a monocle!!?! lol

    • Jess A

      Thematic, I am. I’ve often thought about an Alice in Wonderland tattoo as well, seeing as it’s one of my favourite books ….

  2. Winter has that effect on many people. Glad to hear Spring is coming though, I am certain it will fill you with inspiration 🙂 Love that first pic, that sign is hilarious…reminds me of a pub crawl in Italy I did the summer I graduated college…Bridget Jones had just come out and that song was played All. the. Time. 😐

    • Jess A

      Haha! I love nostalgic songs that remind me of specific events. I remember when Bridget Jones first came out. I’m hoping the sunshine fills me with some positivity and light; I’m desperate for it!

  3. Your fun and quirky posts make me want to blog about more than my hair. Something that I initially was going to do but I haven’t found my inspiration yet, well maybe I have I should just revisit it….

    • Jess A

      You should! Part of the reason I entitled this blog ‘Diary of a Curly Girl’ was because, well, I’m a lot more than just my hair. It makes me feel free to visit whatever issues I have, or things I’m doing or thinking about, because I view it as a public diary. I’d love to read some of your quirkier posts!

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