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Vegan Orange French Toast


I can’t even, you guys! Ok, so two things about this recent recipe for Vegan Orange French Toast: 1) it was waaaay good. Like, me grossly licking my fingers good (ew, I know, I know, it drives me nuts when people do that too, but I was alone, so…), and 2) I’m starting to actually figure out food photography. I’ve been putting in some time, researching the full extent of my camera, figuring out props and tricks and tips from pros, and I feel really, really good about these images. Like I’m finally on the right track, and that’s incredibly satisfying. I realize I have a long way to go, but it’s nice to see just a little bit of research pay off big time. 

Alas, I leave you with this recipe, and these images. Enjoy your Thursday, you awesome kickass people!




  1. Oh wow! These photos are great! That French toast looks delicious…now that’s all I want for breakfast 😜

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