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Frizzy Friday: My Hair on Bad Products



The other day, it happened. I was at J’s, and just really, really needed to wash my hair. I decided that one little use of different products wouldn’t matter too much, right? I mean, I take such good care of my hair every other time (aside from that one straightening incident). I guess I was wrong.

The only thing I did: rinsed my hair, applied TREsemme Moisturizing Conditioner (NOT the Naturals one, which is silicone-free; this one definitely packed a silicone punch), left it in, and then towel-dried my hair instead of using the old t-shirt standby (this part was really inexcusable, given the fact that he’s got so many t-shirts). Then, a few hours later….poof. Damn, girl.

Lesson learned.








  1. Actually Jess your hair looks amazing. It has volume and curls are just live and bouncy. I think normally (based on the pics I’ve seen) your hair has a little less volume as it has more of a “wet” look to it and it looks shorter but right here.. you got it going on! Your hair looks longer, crazy volume in a good way and curls are falling into right place. I love it.

    • Jess A

      Thanks so much, Nina! I adore the volume, but just find it completely unmanageable come second and third day hair. I’m always trying to find this weird balance between having some gel in it, and having the volume. Do you use gel in yours?

      • Never! I don’t use gel . I only use cream based products for styling. They have to be thicker in consistency because they hold the hair for example like gel would but without the crunch. They more so coat the curl and make it not frizzy and also shape it.
        I’ve tried ton of curly hair products but my favourite is Shea Moisture curling souffle and curling smoothie. Smoothie is this creamy texture I am talking about but souffle is jello. Since i found these two products I haven’t used anything else.
        I also sometimes use leave in conditioner as a styling product alone. For those days I need a bit something more to hold the curl, I use Shea Moisture. And diffuser!

      • Jess A

        I really should try Shea butter/moisture, I’ve heard so many good things about it. Are all the products you use silicone and sulfate free, by any chance? I haven’t used cream based products in a long while. I should try it again! I love my gel, because once it dries and I shake it out a bit, it’s not crunchy at all, but it is kind of expensive (although I don’t have to replace it that often).

      • Shea Moisture line is all natural. You can actually eat it. lol
        It was literally made in the kitchen, when it started out. It’s so sweet… so no silicone or sulfates or parabens at all
        I did a full review on this line of products a while back.. you can check in my hair section.
        I use their curl shampoo, conditioner and styling products as well as this amazing frizz spray..

  2. I feel your pain, my hair is a little blonder, longer version of what yours looks like, and I ONLY trust Aveda products,,, Anything else results in my hair becoming a poodle.

    • Jess A

      Yes! You find a brand you like, and just know that you need to stick to it otherwise disaster could result…I think I just hate the unpredictability of trying new products. It’s always an expensive gamble! Glad you have products that work for you and your hair 🙂

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