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Flat Twists

I keep reading a lot about protective hair styles. Although my hair isn’t necessarily as curly or the same type as a lot of websites that recommend these, I was really interested to find out what I could do. I used a quick tutorial on YouTube to get a general idea of flat twists, then put my damp hair into these two bad boys. I tried something a little different, as well – using grape seed oil as a sealant, and a little but of coconut oil on the ends. When I took my hair out, it looked like a bit of a hot mess – and apparently, I applied too much grape seed oil, because there was a bit of a residue. This is something I will try again, but maybe with smaller twists, not flat ones. Overall, it was a fun and cute hairstyle to have for a day and night, and pretty easy to do. It would be fantastic to do a long deep conditioning treatment with.


Do the twist! See also: WISHbone and FISHbone earrings (I just realized that my earrings rhyme).


Nothing like a good backlit selfie.


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