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Bits of Happy

Ahh, absenteeism. There’s nothing quite like it in the long summer days, is there? That’s where I’ve been; I won’t be apologetic about it – enjoying the sunshine just holds a certain allure, and I can never say no. However, today is different – mostly because it’s cold and pouring rain – so hey, blog people! You missed me, right? Let’s check out things that have been filling my soul with sunshine!


These gorgeous flower’s at J’s mom’s place. Don’t ask me what kind they are; just know that they are gorgeous.


I love going for walks through my city…in particular under a certain city park bridge, where a slew of colourful (and sometimes funny/poignant/thoughtful) graffiti reveals itself.


Speaking of our city, sometimes it’s fun to check out neat little places and become a tourist in your own town. Case in point: cheesy fountain photos are always in season.IMG_4176.JPG

There are few things I love more than visiting the farmer’s market during the mid-week. Fresh food, delicious coffee, fiddlers with a down East, Celtic twang – what’s not to love?IMG_4228.JPG

Oops. I found this recipe online and may have made it. Would you be proud of me if I told you that I only ate two??IMG_4183.JPGPlaying with J’s dog, Babe, always makes life better.


What has been filling your soul with sunshine recently, friends?



  1. What a great way to spend the last days of summer. That blueberry thing looks amazing (the pendulum is now swinging towards the carb eating side…ha!) seeing fam and friends, especially those who just had babies have been filling my days. Time well spent! xo- Elaine

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