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Frizzy Friday: Lush R&B Hair Moisturizer Review

J and I took a whirlwind day trip to Toronto this past summer. Obviously, to commemorate our journey, I needed to shop a little (can’t blame me, right??). Among the little treasures that made their way back home with me was this little tub from Lush (and some killer running shorts from Lululemon – they have FIVE POCKETS, you guys! but….I digress). I must admit, every time I go into a Lush they have fabulous customer service representatives – they always find the right balance of informative and helpful, without being too pushy (in my opinion; having worked in the customer service industry, I can really appreciate some gooooood service). I was a little persnickety, letting the guy know that I wanted something without silicones or sulfates….and we happened upon this. The R&B Moisturizer is touted as being a supreme moisturizer, beneficial for both your hair and your scalp. The man at the store claimed to use it on his (very lush, haha) beard. So I bought it and went on my merry way.


I’ve used it a few times, now; once just as a leave-in type moisturizer, and another as a product before doing twists (I guess…also, as a leave-in type moisturizer). So, here goes!

What I’ve noticed both times, more than anything, is that it has a VERY distinctive smell. As someone who doesn’t usually sport scents of any kind, I was a little blown away with the smell; it reminded me of some incense, it was so powerful. J made comment about it, as did my mother, so this is definitely not the thing to wear to a scent-free environment. You’ve been warned.

Next, although my hair felt moisturized, it also felt kind of…greasy. And laden down. My hair rarely ever feels this way, even with gobs of conditioner on it, so I was a little perturbed. Granted, I could have simply used too much – I’m going to try using a little bit less the next time I use it – but it made me really hesitant to try it again. I love volume, and definition, but I felt like this gave a greasy definition that looked like I had put product on my hair (I don’t favour that look). Overall, I was a little bit let down by this one.



  • Super conditioning; hair felt soft after rinsing out
  • Conditioning properties lasted quite a few days


  • Smell was overpowering in my opinion
  • Greasy, product-laden feeling on my hair
  • Didn’t enjoy the way it made my hair look

Overall Curly Score:  4/10

Sorry Lush, but unless someone can convince me otherwise, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this product again.



    • Interesting read! I recent tried the lush roots hair treatment (post is on my page) and I had the same problem with an overpowering smell. Saying that, it worked well IMO.

      I got R&B as part of my goody bag too so am planning to try that too! Will let you know what I think of it.

      Your hair is gorge!

      • Thank you! Yeah, I don’t know what it was specifically, but it just doesn’t seen to jive with my hair. I may give it to a friend, or just keep it as a leave in conditioning treatment from time to time. I was pretty disappointed because I’m always excited to try Lush things! Please do let me know how your hair likes it!

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