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Autumn Hair Goals


Super bouncy and fluffy – my hair on wash day.

Let’s face it, people – in Ontario, summer is officially at an end. Kids are back to school, a chill is in the air (especially at night)!, and my skin and hair are starting to show signs of dryness. Autumn is definitely upon us.

But to make sure I maintain my length and continue my growth, I need to change up my routine for the colder winter months that zap moisture from my hair. Fall is a perfect transition period for that! So, in order to prep for what may possibly be a long and cold winter, these are the following things I want to work on:

1) Find a protective style that works for me. Because my individuals hairs are more fine, and they’re pretty smooth, I find that my hair slips out of protective styles like twists fairly easily. I want to find something I’m comfortable wearing for a few days in a row to provide the absolute most protection to my ends. I’m thinking that braids may be the way to go, but finding a style that I can wear longer than two days is going to be a challenge.

2) Be gentle with detangling. We’ve all been there – we’re in a hurry, get frustrated, and will sometimes tear those knots out of our hair. Yikes! I took the time to remove strand by strand from a knot the other day, and it all functioned beautifully – no more knot, no broken pieces of hair. Perfect!

3) One more henna treatment before the cold sets in. I have currently completed two henna conditioning treatments, using this gloss from Curly Nikki. I have definitely noticed a difference in the strength of my individual hairs, not to mention a pretty sweet auburn/redhead shade (that everyone swears is my natural colour. Yes!).

4) Up my deep conditioning game. Oh sure, I try to do a pre-poo treatment, but lately they’ve become kind of half-assed. I’d love to hear any suggestions you guys have for some homemade deep conditioning treatments!

5) Wear my hair up more. Because we’re wearing wooly sweaters and purses and backpacks (a substitute teacher totally has to have a backpack too, you guys), there’s a lot more wear and tear on my hair (look out, Dr. Seuss). Although I don’t love to wear my hair up (I adore the volume when it’s down!), I will be experimenting more with different ‘up’ styles to ensure that my ends aren’t being totally dragged through everything. Poor hair.

And that’s it! Hopefully I can stick to these things. What are YOUR hair goals for the fall?



    • Thank you so kindly! I actually just discovered today that my hair is low porosity, so I’m super stoked to be following you and find out more helpful info for my strands 🙂 Thanks for popping by!

      • Thanks! Seems you’re doing a great job with the porosity, your hair looks shiny and moisturized.

  1. I have to go ahead and agree with everyone here that your hair looks GREAT in this picture! My hair goal is to moisturize moisturize moisturize because if the Kansas wind won’t get to it, the indoor heat will O.O

  2. m.andrews

    Wow, Jess, your hair is so beautiful, your curls are stunning, and your hair colour, oh my gosh! I love it! 😀

  3. Hi how are you I’m doing a blog on hair types. I think it will be helpful to you and your readers. Hope to hear from you soon. 😊

  4. Robert Ryckman

    Hey Jess, Saw a few of your pictures with Strutt Beauty.. great job !

    • Thanks, Robert. Where did you see them? I don’t think they’ve been put up on the site yet, unless I’m mistaken.

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