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Taming Bedhead: Curly Girl Style

Hey ladies and gents! Now, who among us has not seriously rocked some bed head at one time or another? Before discovering some of my fool proof, hair-saving sleep ways, I would dread the mornings when a frizzy disaster awaited me upon awakening. Now, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

I was recently inspired by a new mattress company named Casper. They are working on making the perfect mattress, but are still unable to tame wild morning hair. It got me thinking (deep thoughts)…I haven’t had bed head in a really, really long while. Which is awesome, and saves me so much time in the morning! So I’ve compiled some of my strategies to combat my hair from flying everywhere.

I’m sure we’ve discussed it before, but I highly recommend investing in a satin pillowcase. My mom found me an amazing hand sewn one at a craft sale, but if you want to do the more pedestrian route, you can find them at places like Target and most beauty supply stores. They’re not terribly expensive, either – usually around $20. This little gem is absolutely crucial to my bedtime routine, for a few reasons: 1) it prevents tangles and dreads from forming, especially at the back of my hair, due to the slippery nature of the material as compared to cotton or flannel, and 2) it has the added benefit of being good for my skin, too! I love this thing. If I’m traveling, I will either take the pillow or bring a large silk scarf with me. This option is good for people with curly OR straight hair.

Although the pillowcase is a super hair saver, something that I wasn’t using until lately is the ‘pineapple method’.

Pineapple-ing SO HARD right now. With sepia. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Pineapple-ing SO HARD right now. With sepia. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Because I have curly hair, if I sleep on it, my curl pattern gets flattened or wrecked, and I end up with less than desirable curls the morning after. By gathering my hair loosely into a puff on top of my head, my end curls are maintained, so my hair can continue looking its best! I simply find a very stretched elastic (I prefer the ribbon style hair elastics that are all the rage right now), gather as much of my hair as possible on top of my head, and loosely put the elastic around it. By leaving it loose, I’m making sure that no indent is left. Ta-da!!

These are surefire ways to wake up with great hair. If, however, you wake up and realize your hair needs a little refresher, here’s a trick: I take a very tiny amount of leave-in conditioner, wet my palms from the tap, and then twist my hair and smooth the water and conditioner throughout. I do this to both sides of my head, making sure moisture has reached it everywhere, and then scrunch the ends. Once it dries, it looks like I just freshly styled my hair!

What do YOU do to prevent bed head?


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