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First Hair Video!!

It’s long, and rambling, and clearly I need to start looking directly at the camera instead of admiring whatever the heck my hair is doing, but there you have it!! Technology, ooooooh.



  1. Nathalia Jacobs

    Nice video! I think I have similar hair type. 3a to 3b. I also love coconut oil and volume! The products that I use do weight my hair down on wash day but I think I can achieve more defined curls if I fluffy it, kind of separating the clumps of curls with my fingers the second day. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us fellow curly girls!

    • Hi Nathalia,

      Thank YOU for watching! Which products do you find work best for your hair? And I find that wash day is always the worst day in terms of how I want my hair to look. I think 3rd day hair is officially my favourite! 🙂

      • Nathalia Jacobs

        I’m sorry I only saw this now. Hmmm for co-washing I use treseme naturals silicone free and no-poo occasionally. I use coconut and hibiscus conditioner from Shea Moisture and one-condition from deva also occasionally. Then i get a chunk of Shea Moisture coconut and hibiscus leave in and scrunch the hair a bit. After that I finalize with ultra defining gel from Deva. Some Kirkland vegan sulfate free shampoo for when I use oils to stimulate growth at the roots/deep conditioning (black castor oil) and coconut oil mixed in some cheap conditioner for length and ends. I try to do that once a week.

        Product junkie. It might’ve been easier to record a video 😆

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