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Marley Twists?

The mop, aka, what I'm working with to possibly create Marley twists.

The mop, aka, what I’m working with to possibly create Marley twists.

Although we’re currently having an unseasonably warm week, my thoughts lately have been turning to my least favourite time of the year: winter. And not just the awful, Canadian winter cold that numbs your cheeks, the darkness that begins creeping in at 4pm, or the tendency to hunker down to hibernate, refusing to make social plans until spring rears its beautiful head. I mean, I’m thinking of that stuff too, don’t get me wrong – but another primary concern is my hair.

I don’t know about you, but my hair gets dry and awful in the winter. It never really does what I want it to do, static is everywhere, and it’s always being squished into big winter coats, pulled under hats, and brushing against one of my many (many!) wool sweaters. A hair’s paradise, it is not.

Naturally, my thoughts have turned to some way of protecting my hair, more long-term. I like things that are low-maintenance; I don’t want something that I’m going to have to fiddle with every morning. Although I enjoy twists, due to the texture of my hair, they generally only stay twisted for about 2 days before unraveling. I also don’t like how my hair looks in twists, in general – compared to my normal volume, it just seems thin and sparse. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to the style if it stayed in, and if they were chunkier. Enter: Marley twists.

These look like Cousin It x3. Obviously, these colours are a bit off the wall for me, but you can see the kinky texture and the length.

These look like Cousin It x3. Obviously, these colours are a bit off the wall for me, but you can see the kinky texture and the length.

For those who don’t know, Marley twists are created using Marley hair, a synthetic hair which can be bought online. Typically chunky and kinky, these extensions come in many different lengths and colours, so the chance of me finding one similar to my current auburn in a length I want is quite high. They are used as a protective style, in that the hair is ‘protected’ in these twists and the ends are not left out, exposed to the elements. They can be left in for up to 3 months, although I would consider a month to be long enough for me, due to my fine strands.


Brandy rocking some medium-sized Marley twists

My big question is, can I pull these off? Have you, or someone you know, ever tried Marley twists?



  1. I have em on currently and they pretty easy to install, I’ve had them for about 5 weeks now…. I for one would love to see them on you

    • Awesome, thank you for commenting! I ordered some hair and I’m excited to see it being put to use. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. OOh, you should go for it! I would love to have someone install these for me. I really should get into more protective styling, but I’m too lazy with my hair. =)

    • One of my friends offered to help, and from all of the tutorials I’ve watched, it looks fairly easy, although time consuming. I just want something that will last me for a little while that I don’t have to stress about, you know?

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