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Frizzy Friday: DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Review


I’ve been on the lookout for a deep conditioner for quite some time. Having previously used homemade hair masks, to simply adding olive oil and heat to my normal conditioners, I wanted to try out a heavy hitter to see if there was any difference. Having had an amazing experience with Deva products when I went to get my Deva Cut, I was curious to see what their deep conditioner was like. Although it’s a bit hefty, at a price tag of $40, I figured this would last me a while since I only use it about every other week. I took the plunge and bought it.

Now. I used to deep condition my hair PRIOR to shampoo/co-wash, but recently read that due to product buildup on the hair, this may not be an effective way to deep condition (the reality is that I was too damn lazy to co-wash, hop out of the shower, add deep conditioner, let it sit, and then hop back in again). But, since length is what I’m craving, I switched up my routine to include a deep conditioner AFTER I have co-washed and conditioned. I applied this to clean, damp hair, wrapped my head in a plastic shower cap and a towel, and let it sit on my head for 30 minutes. About 20 minutes into the process, I took a steamer (I use a clothing steamer, but not very often and I’m VERY careful about not holding it too close to my strands) and let some of the steam open the pores to suck more moisture in. My hair was definitely happy! They curled up right away and showed so much more life and bounce.

Overall, after rinsing out this DC, my hair was left feeling soft and well hydrated. There was no heavy buildup, but just a great feeling of being well conditioned. This is definitely a purchase I’m glad I made, and I will continue to incorporate this into my routine every other week!


  • left hair feeling well conditioned, hydrated
  • nice subtle smell
  • goes on easily; do not need a lot of product to get great results


  • Cost (although, if you break it down for how many uses I will get out of it, I would say it’s really not that expensive)

Curly Rating: 10/10



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  2. I just got some devacurl products myself and did a blog post about it. Not these ones though. But I love them. I do however think they are ridiculously expensive.

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