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Hair Feature: Janelle

For a while now, I’ve wanted to introduce some different beauties to my site. Seeing as I have a very specific hair type, my advice/tips/routine will only be applicable to a specific number of curlies out there. While it’s wonderful that I can provide some guidance for people who are starting out on their curly hair acceptance journey, I wanted to offer alternative perspectives and hair types, so that readers can identify with a multitude of different awesome hair icons. I hope you find this series as inspiring, helpful, and informative as I do! My very first Hair Feature Guest is a close personal friend of mine, Janelle. A big thank you to her for taking the plunge first!   10833847_10152928806977859_1615754811_n 1) Describe your awesome hair for us! My natural hair can be described as type 4c, kinky, and dark black hair hair with brown highlights that can only be seen in the light, when my hair is flat ironed.

2) What is something you love about your hair? Any areas of difficulty? I love the growth of my hair and its ability to hold a curl when I do twist-outs. However, the one thing I don’t like is that it breaks every time I’ve permed it.

3) Have you always embraced your natural hair? In the past, I hated my natural hair. It took too long to do, I always thought it was messy, and it was always tangled. However, I broke the number one rule, I used to attempt to comb it while it was dry.


Short two strand twists. Love!

10822396_10152928807112859_1013076616_n 4) What does a typical wash day look like for you? On a lazy Saturday, I get my products and t-shirt ready and try to have no commitments for that day. After I soak my hair, I finger comb my hair, then start to shampoo the roots of my hair. After I rinse, I repeat. Afterwards, I separate my hair and finger comb through it using olive oil, then do the same with conditioner. After rinsing that all out, I rinse it again with cold water and wrap it in a t-shirt to get out some of the water. Then I start styling it.

5) Any products that you’re absolutely loving lately? I love Redken shampoo and conditioner, especially the extra soft one because of how my hair feels afterwards. I also absolutely love Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream. It makes my hair easy to: style; comb through; it moisturizes, and I love the effect it has on my twist outs.

6) Any words of advice to people with a similar hair type? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Find a few products that work in your hair and use them. Try not to become a product junkie.


10841510_10152928807147859_1016141061_n 7) Your hair is currently in Marley twists. Tell us a bit about that – what’s the upkeep like? Are you enjoying this protective style? Marley twists are simple to upkeep. All I do is spray my hair with braid at night to keep my hair moisturized and wrap it with a silk cloth. I used a YouTube video to learn how to do it and I can keep it in my hair for about three to four weeks.

A curly girl's best friend...headscarves!

A curly girl’s best friend…headscarves!

Thank you so much Janelle for sharing your awesome hair with us! If you or someone you know would like to be featured, please email me at 


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