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Sudden Realization

I’ve been fighting with my scalp since last summer. Granted, it’s always been a little dry, and a little…angry. “It just goes with the territory!” I thought. I’ve got dry hair, I’ve got eczema, and dry skin…it’s natural that my scalp is going to be a little needy, too. Right? But this wasn’t just needy. Everything I tried – tea tree oil shampoos, massages with jojoba oil, decreased washing, increased washing, eating well, drinking plenty of fluids, apple cider vinegar treatments, taking supplements and making sure I got enough healthy fats in my diet – just wasn’t cutting it. I would still see flakes every time! It was seriously messing with my psyche (to wear black or not to wear black, that is the question…). So finally, after doing some research, I discovered that perhaps – just maybe – I had a sensitivity to different chemicals. Like, any chemicals or substances being put on my scalp. And after deciding to ditch all products (yes, ALL – no conditioners, no shampoos, no leave-ins, nadda) for a week and simply rinse my hair with water and give myself some lovely head massages, I’m noticing a marked difference.

Maybe I’m onto something here?

Three days after using only water. Smug smile (??) included.

Three days after using only water. Smug smile (??) included.

Blurry but flake free photo of my scalp, three days after starting using only water!

Blurry but flake free photo of my scalp, three days after starting using only water!



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  2. What an amazing discovery! I have had flake issues and tried everything you mentioned. I try to use shampoos that don’t have harsh chemicals but I would still get them. I think it may be partially stress related? 😬

    • I think stress is definitely a factor. Do you find your hair a lot different after giving birth? I know the hormones can change a lot of things, including hair. It’s kind of crazy how much of an impact they can have on our body!

      • Actually I think it was stress brought on by work… No flakes while on maternity leave but that doesn’t mean it’s not stressful, just a different type that doesn’t cause me to flake. But yes pregnancy affects your hair. I used to shed like crazy and then didn’t while pregnant and now a shedding machine again!

  3. I’m so afraid to try the no products approach. Despite the flakes, my scalp has a high oil production and I don’t want it to look disgusting! Yours is looking good though! Can’t wait for the updates!

    • Thanks Ashley! Yeah, it’s kind of got an ‘ick factor’ to the whole process, although my ends are sill fairly dry. Apparently some women alternate this with doing an oil rinse every so often. I may incorporate other things as I get annoyed with the process, but we shall see!

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