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I don’t know if I’ve chatted about this too much on here, but I have pretty crippling anxiety at times. Because it’s an issue near and dear to me, I made a list over at So Fawned Lifestyle on some different ways to cope with this. Ever have several nights where you can’t sleep because your stomach is in knots or your heart won’t stop beating a mile a minute? Ever avoid doing something at all costs because the very thought of that activity sends you into a tailspin? Ever find yourself reacting strangely to stressful events in your life? You may want to check out my list, and let me know: have you ever suffered from anxiety? What are some of the ways you cope?



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  2. I can relate. I think most deal with some level of anxiety at some point in their lives. I find that doing something to clear my head like yoga, a walk, or some sun rays can help the obsessive thinking, to take a pause. Then, I go back and try to manage it in digestible chunks so it’s not so overwhelming. If that fails, I try to vent or share it with someone like my husband or sister. They are very forgiving and understanding people to listen to me 🙂

    • Yes! Especially in regards to the sun rays. This past winter was incredibly bad in terms of weather and cold, so my anxiety was at an all-time high. Now that spring is shining some sunlight onto our area, and the weather is warmer, I’m starting to feel a lot more in control. I’m happy you have a wonderful support network around you! So important.

  3. I suffer from anxiety, more specifically an obsessive compulsive disorder. I know all too well about this struggle. Music helps me cope. When I’m having an attack music is able to stop it and calm me down. Also walking. It’s very therapeutic. I feel your turmoil with this. Hugs.

    • Nina, I remember you posting about this a while ago. Music is a great idea! It’s actually something I never really considered. Walking and exercise in general is a big escape for me; I can at least temporarily push myself in a physical way to help ‘drown out’ some of the other feelings. Thanks for sharing. I don’t like that others suffer from it, but I DO love the warm and caring community that often arises when you share something like this. xo

      • It’s so true. I feel like everyone is a bit afraid to speak about it or ashamed in many ways but when we do, it gives others the courage to say hey! me too!
        but yes try music. There is a whole science behind how our brain reacts to music and how much it can help.

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