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How I Realized my Hair Mistakes

Want to know how I changed up my hair in just two weeks?

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I know that I discussed previously that I was a little bit…let down with my most recent cut at The Curl Ambassadors. Truth is, I felt a bit rushed, I didn’t feel listened to, and when I left, my hair wasn’t transformed in the way… Read More

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DevaCurl Review

Hey friends! My review if DevaCurl’s Heaven in Hair Intense Moisture Treatment is now up at Curls Understood. Interested in trying it? Want to know more about it? Head on over for the full description and review, including how I use it on my curls.

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DIY Lavender Spray: Upgrade

I’ve talked in the past about the lavender spray I use to spritz up second, third, and fourth-day hair…well, this is like, an upgraded version of that. I posted about it over on So Fawned Lifestyle, so head on over to check out my really… Read More

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Sudden Realization

I’ve been fighting with my scalp since last summer. Granted, it’s always been a little dry, and a little…angry. “It just goes with the territory!” I thought. I’ve got dry hair, I’ve got eczema, and dry skin…it’s natural that my scalp is going to be… Read More