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On Mothers and Mothering

I just finished reading Tuesdays With Morrie this morning. Like, right this morning. Have you read it? If you haven’t, please get yourself to a bookstore rightthissecond and buy yourself a copy and do not put it down until you’re done. You can thank me later.… Read More

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My #100daysofexercise Challenge

A quick update on the exercise challenge — it was going swimmingly until I woke up with a savage cold yesterday morning. I had committed myself to at least thirty minutes of exercise a day, and I was doing awesome! Whether a run, a brisk… Read More

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How to Host a Clothing Swap

About twice a year, my darling friend Sarah hosts a now famous clothing swap. The concept is simple, yet brilliant: women bring their old clothes ahead of time to be dropped off, then arrive the day of to ‘shop’ around and take what they like.… Read More

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Bits of Happy

Lately, I feel lost. I’m looking for inspiration constantly – that little spark that gets me fired up and passionate about something. Things are just…blah. With the warmer weather coming, I’ve got something to look forward to. But until then, here are some little tidbits… Read More

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Cuba, Briefly

So, I promised some photos, but I’ll make it brief so as not to rub it in too much (plus, I really just didn’t take that many photos! It seems that I’m getting to an age where I prefer to actually enjoy my trips rather… Read More

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100 Days

I’ve been absent. Now, I’m not going to apologize or pretend like it was a near-death experience for you, hovering at the edge of your seat with bated breath; when I started this blog, it was for me, selfish little me, and I fully realize… Read More

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See You Soon!

I’m headed to Cuba for a week of fun in the sun. Sorry, no matter how I say it, it sounds like I’m kind of rubbing it in. Because I’m a bit of a jerk and all that. Regardless, I will see you in just… Read More