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Under One Sun

A few weeks ago, my photographer friend asked me to be featured in photos for a collaboration with her and a jewelry maker she had fallen in love with, Under One Sun. I was lucky enough to also know the founder of Under One Sun,… Read More

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Chunky Cowl Pattern

Since I got a lot of compliments on this particular scarf, and it really is sooo easy to do, I thought I’d put up the pattern so all of you aspiring knitters out there can give it a go! This scarf was originally featured in… Read More

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My Purple Love

I like scarves. And colour. I knitted this bright purple scarf a few years ago when I was going through a difficult time in my life. It kept me sane, gave me a sense of purpose, and became a beautiful, comforting addition to my wardrobe.… Read More

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Duo Boots Review

Some of you may have read my disgruntled reaction to the boot market in a previous post. Trying to fit my skinny, toothpick legs into the ‘average-sized’ tall boots caused a problematic amount of gaping. Basically, it made me look like a child had broken… Read More

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Fair-ly Fall

Recently, I have been sweater lusting. Hard. All it took was one rainy, typical autumn day to send me into the spiral of craving cashmere, comfort, wool, thick knits, chunky wonderfulness enveloping my upper body. Let me be perfectly clear: I love sweaters. I love… Read More

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Quest for a Fall Boot

This post is more of a rant, I’m afraid. I’ve been on the search for perfect autumn boots for years now. You know the type – to the knee, a beautiful rich caramel colour (it matches everything!), structured, classic, and well made (I don’t want… Read More

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Bracelet Giveaway!!!!

I am so BEYOND excited about this!! I’m not sure if the caps lock showed it, BUT I AM TOO FREAKING EXCITED! I’m teaming up with Liana Marie (check out her interview with me here, or some of her fabulous baubles here) to offer you… Read More