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Almond Butter Easter Eggs

Because what better way to celebrate Easter? These awesome, easy to whip up eggs are vegan, paleo, gluten free – all of the frees! And they are AMAZING. I don’t really feel quite as guilty diving into one of these little guys. Sorry, Reese Peanut… Read More

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Halloween Voodoo Cookies

These happened. I was looking for some way to combine NOLA spookiness with Halloween goodness, and voila! My Frankenstein cookie combination of gingerbread + Halloween was born. If you’re looking for a last minute, fun, and guaranteed major impact cookie, try these awesome Voodoo Cookies,… Read More

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Raw Vegan Energy Balls

These are amazing. Seriously, I can’t stop popping them (which may be a bad thing…there’s a lot of dates in several of these little guys….). They’re gluten free, no bake, and can be customized to your taste. And the name is kind of funny. Which… Read More

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Cupcake Monday

Because it’s a Monday, I thought I would treat you to these… Amazing chocolate chip banana cupcakes, with peanut butter cream cheese frosting. I used this recipe for the cake, and (obviously) added chocolate chips for extra flair. For the ultimate cream cheese peanut butter… Read More

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Celebrate Your Inner Green

I come from a very Irish community – founded by the Irish escaping the Potato Famine. This means we take St. Patrick’s Day very seriously. The way I choose to contribute? With this offering of a 5 Minute Chocolate Bailey’s Mug Cake, obviously. Little to… Read More