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How I Realized my Hair Mistakes

Want to know how I changed up my hair in just two weeks?

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I don’t know if I’ve chatted about this too much on here, but I have pretty crippling anxiety at times. Because it’s an issue near and dear to me, I made a list over at So Fawned Lifestyle on some different ways to cope with… Read More

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Hullo! And welcome to the diary of a curly girl. This site has been my baby since 2013, when I first started writing about the Curly Girl Method, posting some outfits, and of course, featured my true love, food. It’s gradually morphed to a space in which I’m free to vent about life, discuss various hair routines I’m trying, and connect with a like-minded community. Whether you’re here for the company, the hair care advice, or the photos of great food, welcome! Feel free to explore the various haircare sections, and add in your two cents, of course – I love a good dialogue. So snuggle in, grab a cup of coffee (and maybe a piece of cake), and make yourself at home in my little piece of virtual real estate.

Photo by Erin Caitlin of Erin Caitlin Photography.

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Crunchy Asian Salad

It’s happening! Coldness. Winter. Dreary blahs. To combat all that grossness, I created this fabulous Crunchy Asian Salad, which not only looks awesome, but tastes great. It also has the bonus of actually, you know, making me feel great too. And I can’t quite say the… Read More