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Hearty Lentil Vegetable Soup

It got cold again. Dammit! Naturally, I gravitated towards warmer dishes, with this awesome hearty lentil vegetable soup being my mainstay for the past week and a half. Head over to So Fawned Lifestyle for my recipe! Advertisements

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Deluxe Green Smoothie

 Well, it’s about that time again – to inundate you lovely readers with a green smoothie. But not just any green smoothie – oh no; this isn’t some run-of-the-mill, toss in some leaves of spinach and call it ‘green’ kind of smoothie; this is a… Read More

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Vegan Spelt and Flax Bread

I’ve been doing this no sugar thing…that is, until I recently fell off the wagon. But don’t worry, I hopped back on again! It’s just to re-set my relationship with sugar…you see, it’s pretty darn toxic. However, in my quest for healthy, I realized that… Read More

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100 Days

I’ve been absent. Now, I’m not going to apologize or pretend like it was a near-death experience for you, hovering at the edge of your seat with bated breath; when I started this blog, it was for me, selfish little me, and I fully realize… Read More